10 Things To Do in Singapore

I am excited to finally share some of our Singapore adventures with you. On our way to Bali, we stopped over in Singapore for a few days to visit our friends who live there and also made a pit stop on the way back. Our friends were the best tour guides and showed us so much of what the city has to offer. Its easy to fall in love with Singapore – it’s beautiful, has fantastic night life, great food including the best wild salmon in Singapore that I’ve ever eaten (anywhere, in the world), a big city feel without all the chaos, it’s incredibly clean and one of the safest places to walk around. Singapore, you won me over! We packed a lot of sightseeing in to a small space of time and with so much to see and do, I’ve rounded up my top 10 Singapore experiences you don’t want to miss!

Cocktails with a view at Ce La Vie at the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

On our first full day in Singapore, our friends took us to Ce La Vie, one of the best sky high rooftop bars in the city. Perched on top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel (the one with the huge infinity pool), Ce La Vie has 360-degree panoramic views of the skyline and the Singapore Strait. Sip on cocktails and take in the stunning views – not one to be missed! Be sure to also check out the infinity pool whilst you’re up there – it’s well-worth seeing!

Marvel at the Cloud Forest

After cocktails at Ce La Vie, we made our way over to the Cloud Forest, a wondrous mist-filled world. Once you’re inside, you’ll find yourself face to face with a majestic waterfall – the largest indoor waterfall in the world. You’ll feel as though you’re in Jurassic Park, as you make your way up to the top floor, aptly called the “Lost World” level. There are so many beautiful flowers and lush vegetation to enjoy too!

Wander Around the Super Tree Groves

Very close to the Marina Bay Sands and the Cloud Forest are the famous Super Tree Groves! These man-made futuristic trees stand 16 storeys high and an incredible site to see. At night, the trees transform into a light show with music, which looks phenomenal, but even during the day, they are worth marvelling. There’s a walkway up at the top that connects two of the SuperTrees so you can take a stroll around up there. There’s also a restaurant on top of one of the trees too that is meant to be amazing (saving that one for next time!)

Get up and close with all the nocturnal animals at the Night Safari

I had read awesome things about Singapore’s Night Safari and was thrilled when our friends recommended we do it during our visit. Visit just after dark (around 9:30pm) and jump on a tram that will take you around the entire zoo to see all of the nocturnal animals. We came so close to hyenas (who kept trying to hop the electrified Critterfence …), giraffes, baby deer, flamingos, bats, elephants, Luwak cats, etc. We watched all of the animals eat, sleep and roam around. A very cool experience I think is worth while!

Try Singapore’s National Dish – Chilli Crab

I love trying new food wherever we go, especially dishes that represent the country we’re visiting. Our friends took us to JUMBO Seafood to try the famous Chilli Crab, Singapore’s national dish and it didn’t disappoint. The chilli crab is stir fried and coated in a sweet, savoury spicy tomato based sauce. On the side, we ordered mantous, not to be confused with actual MAN TOES ha! These little deep fried buns taste heavenly dipped in the tomato sauce, you’ll be addicted. It’s no surprise to be that chilli crab is listed as number 35 on the World’s 50 most delicious foods list and JUMBO is one of the top five spots in Singapore to try it out!

Relax at Sentosa Island

Singapore has it all, including it’s very own beach! On a sunny day, catch the train to Sentosa Island to relax by the water or party at one of th beach clubs with friends! On our last day in Singapore, we visited one of the clubs for drinks and even though we experienced a tropical thunderstorm, everyone carried on having fun and danced to upbeat songs played by the DJ. It was a blast.

Party at 1-Altitude, Singapore’s Highest Rooftop Bar

1-Altitude is the most epic bar I have ever been to. It’s the highest alfresco bar in the world and the highest in Singapore with the most spectacular views of the City. It’s located over the top three floors of One Raffles Place and you’ll feel as though you’re in a music video from the moment you walk in! Don’t be put off by the queues to get in; we only had to wait for about 10 minutes before heading up.

There’s a few different tiers of drinks packages you can have depending on the size of your group. There were four of us and we opted for a big bottle of Belvedere with two mixers and a table and it worked out to be around $60 Singapore dollars each, which I think is an exceptional deal. For £30, you get access to the most amazing bar in the world, drinks that will last you the entire evening and your own area. Once you’re up there, take in the views, dance the night away to the phenomenal DJ’s and whatever you do, don’t look down!

Have brunch and go shopping on Haji Lane

Haji Lane is best known as Singapore’s hipster ‘hood and it has awesome boutiques, restaurants and cool bars to hang out at. We headed over for brunch and found a great Aussie Cafe called The Hangar – the perfect way to start Saturday and  to pop into for cocktails and bar snacks after an afternoon of shopping on Haji Lane and Arab Street. Little India isn’t far away either if that also takes your fancy! Overall, Haji Lane is really colourful and I loved the laid back vibe of the area – definitely a must see!

Eat the World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Meal

You may have seen my post here, talking all about our experience eating the world’s cheapest Michelin-star meal at a Hawker Centre in Chinatown. I think if you’re a real foodie, then it’s worth the hour queue to try Hawker Chan’s Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle! This little food stall was awarded the revered award a few years ago and it’s shot to fame ever since. Sometimes Hawker Chan brings a taste of Singapore to London, so keep an eye out. I would also recommend walking around the Hawker Centres and trying a lot of the different street foods on offer.

Walk Around Chinatown

After trying the world’s cheapest Michelin Star meal, wander all over Chinatown. It is such a charming pocket of Singapore with brightly coloured facades and great shops to pick up souvenirs.

Have you been to Singapore? Have any recommendations for what to do and see? Drop me a comment below to share! 🙂 xo

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