25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit the Maldives

The Maldives is the most breathtaking destination I’ve ever been to. We made the journey there for our honeymoon last year and it’s a place that will always hold a special place in my heart. If you love the beach, crystal clear turquoise water, swimming in the ocean, snorkelling, relaxing, amazing seafood, walking around barefoot and relaxing in the sunshine, then I would highly recommend popping it on your bucket list!

The Maldives Maldives Seaplane The Maldives The Maldives The Maldives The Maldives The Maldives The MaldivesThe MaldivesThe Maldives The Maldives The MaldivesThe MaldivesThe MaldivesThe Maldivesmaldives turtledolphins in the maldives 5.8 Underwater Restaurantmaldivesthe maldives We stayed at Cocoon Maldives for 10 days and it was pure heaven. The Maldivian hospitality is second to none and the staff are the most friendly and accommodating I’ve experienced. The Island itself is gorgeous, it felt as though we were on a deserted island for a few weeks, which was bliss. We stayed in an overwater villa, which was a dream come true. Picture yourself waking up to the sound and sight of the calming ocean right in front of you and being able to dive right in.

Our trip was incredibly memorable – we snorkelled with fish everyday, experienced our first seaplane journey (which was both thrilling and terrifying), spotted Manta Rays, Sting Rays, Turtles, Octopus, Reef Sharks and even a HUGE jelly fish, saw hundreds of dolphins swim up next to our boat, watched the sunset every evening, took a speedboat to one of the world’s first underwater restaurants and had the time of our lives in the sunshine. It’s true paradise and I can’t wait for our next trip back 🙂

I woke up to the sunrise one morning outside of our villa and recorded this time lapse – it was so beautiful.

Where’s the most beautiful destination you’ve ever been?