Aladdin The Musical

Aladdin was my favourite Disney film growing up. When I was four years old, I had an Aladdin-themed room, blue Jasmine pyjamas, gold Jasmine shoes, and I even had an Aladdin-themed birthday, cake and all. It’s safe to say that I was obsessed with the movie and was absolutely thrilled when I found out the cartoon was going to come alive on stage in London’s West End! We snapped up tickets to the pre-opening week at the beginning of June and I was so excited to see it I could hardly wait. What we saw, exceeded any previously conceived notions and it was such a special experience that brought me back to my Jasmine-pyjama wearing days.

Aladdin_Prince Edward Theatre. Photographer Deen van Meer. © Disney (2)Aladdin the Musical took place at the Prince Edward Theatre in Soho. We took our seats in the beautiful Victorian theatre and I was grinning from ear to ear as soon as the show started. The opening scenes were outstanding and re-created the chase scene from the original cartoon so well in the market place in Agrabar so well. I loved how they used the same soundtrack as the film, with some original songs thrown in as well.

Aladdin Prince Edward Theatre Dean John-Wilson (Aladdin) Photographer Deen van Meer © DisneyOne of my favourite scenes was when Aladdin is in the Cave of Wonders to find the lamp. The set design was astonishing, with intricate gold structures and beading. I had never seen such a grand scene before in a musical. It was a spectacle that needs to be seen to be believed! The best part was yet to come though…

Aladdin Prince Edward Theatre Trevor Dion Nicholas (Genie) Photographer Deen van Meer © DisneyTrevor Dion Nicholas, who they brought over from the Broadway show in NYC, was absolutely fantastic as Genie. He brought the show to life and added a lot of humour to every scene he was in. The “Friend Like Me” scene was extravagant, magnificent and he was show-stoppingly fabulous. Multiple outfit changes, incredible singing and dancing made for a jaw-dropping sequence that ended in an well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd. There was so much personality, passion and enthusiasm that he brought to the show and I hope he wins an award for his outstanding performance.

Aladdin_Prince Edward Theatre_Jade Ewen (Jasmine) and company_Photographer Deen van Meer. © Disney

Aladdin Prince Edward Theatre Jade Ewen (Jasmine) Photographer Deen van Meer © DisneyJasmine, played by Jade Ewen, was beautiful and I personally thought sh was such a great fit to play the princess. She looked just like Jasmine and sounded exactly as she did in the film. She and Aladdin had great chemistry and worked so well as a couple throughout the film.

Aladdin Prince Edward Theatre Dean John-Wilson (Aladdin) and Jade Ewen (Jasmine) Photographer Deen van Meer © Disney

Now, I am going to be very corny and say that hearing “A Whole New World” brought to life on stage, was a dream come true for me. I have nothing more to say, other than I loved every single second of the scene and sang along with the cast. The production team did such a great job at bringing the magic carpet to life as Aladdin and Jasmine soared through the stage.

Aladdin Prince Edward Theatre Photographer Deen van Meer © Disney 3All of the costumes were vibrant and sparkly and I loved that bright colours were used throughout the entire show. The flowing material looked stunning whilst the cast were dancing on stage. I must also note that Jafar and Lago were an incredible duo, both sinister and hilarious. The two characters rounded out what was an all around fantastic show. The only two characters that I missed were Abu and Raja the Tiger, but the producers did a great job and incorporating other characters to make up for them.

Aladdin Prince Edward Theatre Jade Ewen (Jasmine) and Dean John-Wilson (Aladdin) Photographer Deen van Meer © Disney 2Between the costumes, the singing, dancing, magnificent set design, Genie’s outstanding performance and having the chance to see my childhood favourite movie come to live on screen, it was such a special experience and one I won’t soon forget! If you get the chance to see Aladdin, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s perfect for all ages and would be a really fun date night as well. Jump on the bandwagon and buy your tickets before they all go! The show is on until February 2017, so book your tickets before it’s too late! It’s a show worth seeing in the West End.

Here’s a little teaser of what you can expect!

Aladdin the Musical | Prince Edward Theatre | 28 Old Compton St | London | W1D 4HS | Tickets 

PS – you can listen to the soundtrack from the musical on Spotify! (It’s been on repeat for me).