An Underground Squiffy Picnic

An Underground Squiffy Picnic

Deep beneath the trudge of unwitting feet is a garden party happening underground at the sensational Cahoots, located in Soho’s Kingly Court. Determined to beat the cold-weather blues, Cahoots has launched the splendid Squiffy Picnic in a bid to keep the summer sun shining all autumn long… Trust me, you’re in for a delightful treat. 

When we got to Cahoots, we were whisked away, down the apples and pears to our lovely picnic table, complete with a cosy tartan blanket, flowers, and a Sipsmith Summer Cup to kick off the festivities.

squiffy picnic

At our beautifully laid table, we found brown paper bags filled with ration-inspired sarnies including cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese, salt beef horseradish and jam, served on classic blue and white china – I loved it. (I need to get a set for our new home – any suggestions on where to find a cute set, let me know!)




Hungry picnickers are given three scrumptious options of hampers to choose from with different tipples in each. We went for the Aristocrats and Fat Cats – Classic English Sparkling Wine and a hip flask of Damson vodka and tonic water. There’s never a bad time for a little champagne in my book.


We sipped our Summer cocktails, chatted and enjoyed some brilliant live tunes from the lindyhop band on stage. Oh, and we also played dress up – you can’t have a picnic without a vintage sun hat.


Before we knew it, our vintage wicker hamper had arrived filled to the brim with quintessentially British fare circa 1946. Porkie Pies, sausages, grapes, tomatoes, apples, indulgent homemade tiffin, sweet lavender shortbread, Victoria sponge cake, chocolates, and of course, English sparkling wine, a deck of playing cards and some flying gliders for good measure. Where to begin? We sifted through all the goodness and pick and chose what to have first, whilst we popped the corks and tucked in.


Squiffy Picnic





My favourite was the lavender short bread – I couldn’t get enough. The Victoria Sponge Cake was a sweet highlight also!

Victoria Sponge Cake

We were full to our heart’s content – between the two bottles of champagne, sandwiches, sweets and desserts, we had definitely over indulged, but it was worth it. The food was delicious (and the libations weren’t bad either). We sat back and relaxed until one very last hamper made its way over to our picnic table…



A hip flask of SipSmith Damson Vodka, tonic  and of course, cheese and quince jelly – because no traditional British meal would be complete without the cheese and biscuits!



I had never had Damson Vodka before, but Ciaran has been raving about it for months now and unable to find it anywhere to buy. I’m not a huge spirits person, with that said, I thought it was delicious. I could have enjoyed it straight without any tonic at all – it was so smooth. A winning choice to end our lovely Squiffy picnic with.


We polished off the cheese and jam (my favourite part of any meal), and stumbled on up the apples and pears into the streets of Carnaby, happy and satiated. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Squiffy Picnic has officially launched and will take place every Sunday from 3-6pm. It’s a great alternative to brunch and a traditional Sunday roast. Bring your family and friends from abroad – they’ll love it too. I can’t wait to bring my mom when she visits – it doesn’t get more traditionally British than this! Book a table by clicking this link here. Cheers!


13 Kingly Court 

Soho, London