Boathouse Wedding

My older sister, Chrissie, got married about a month ago and I’m really excited to share the experience and some photos from the wedding. Chrissie and her husband Cameron got married in Charlottesville, Virginia. Chrissie and Cameron both rowed throughout college and getting married at the The Ivory Oak was highly symbolic of their relationship. I couldn’t think of a more perfect venue for their wedding. The day was beautiful and sunny. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for an outdoor wedding.


My mom, my younger sister Catherine and I helped Chrissie get ready in the boathouse. It was really nice to spend some time together just the 4 of us right before the wedding. We popped some bubbly and helped her with her makeup, dress and jewellery. She looked absolutely beautiful. We then collected the best groomsmen gifts (that we’d ever come across) and made our way out to the venue.








Chrissie and Cameron said their I-Dos in front of close friends and family on the docks right on the lake with mountains in the background. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience as they shared their vows with us. It was such a special experience listening to how much love they both care for each other and it’s been incredible to see how strong their relationship has become over the past 11 years. The ceremony was lovely and followed by lots of champagne! We had some doubts which music entertainment to pick and decided on music band. that was the right choice.






371After the ceremony, we all enjoyed copious about of champagne, wine and canapés before heading over to the gorgeous Sperry tent for dinner and dancing.


304How awesome is this wooden boat bar?



The decoration was stunning. My sister is so low key and didn’t bother hiring a wedding planner. She told me that she simply walked into a flower shop of best Clear Lake City florist and pointed to an arrangement she liked and boom that was it. Same goes for table settings, chairs, plates, etc. She said she knew what she liked and couldn’t be fussed to look into too many different options. Good thing she didn’t, because it turned out so wonderfully and it was all so her. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.





Instead of having a typical four course dinner, Chrissie decided she wanted to have the food served family style, which to be honest, I quite liked. The servers came around with plates of different food and we could pick and choose what we wanted. The food was delicious and the caterers were great. Any suggestions for London caterers that might be similar to the above – let me know! I am thinking about having dinner served like this for my own wedding. What do you guys think?


After the first course, I was a nervous wreck as I had to give my speech. In the U.S., it’s tradition that the Maid of Honour give a speech. I admittedly am not a very good public speaker. I get incredibly nervous and fumble over my words and talk super fast. I was really nervous that this would be the case when it came time to give this really important speech, but surprisingly it went great! I had my Q-cards, but read off the cards more often than not and spoke truly from the heart. I ended up saying how I really felt, which ended up working out for the best (thankfully).

516 517

After the speech was over, I was able to relax a lot more and have fun! On to the dancing! My sister had a great ’80s band perform at the reception and everybody loved it.






I loved the simplistic elegance of my sister’s wedding. It was low-key, yet sophisticated. Everybody was able to be themselves and it was more about everybody coming together and celebrating the love my sister and Cameron have for each other. It was such a memorable and happy day. I am really happy for my sister and her new husband and wish them nothing but a lifetime of adventures together. Cheers to Chrissie & Cameron!