Bottomless Brunch at Villandry St. James’s

Birthdays call for brunches of the bottomless variety and for my best friend’s special day we decided to try the lovely Villandry St. James’s. 

the-villandry-3Ciaran and I have been long-time fans of the Great Portland Street location and every time I walk past the St. James’s location, I can’t get over how stunning it looks. Plus, they have a fabulous bottomless champagne brunch every Saturday and Sunday for a steal at £40 per person.

the-villandry-2Villandry St. Jame’s is really just the perfect location as well – super close to both Piccadilly and Charing Cross – its the ideal meeting spot. Plus, Central London during the festive season is just dreamy. Villandry was decked out with beautiful Christmas wreaths and trees decorated with baubles and lights galore.

the-villandry-6As I mentioned previously, the bottomless brunch for two hours of endless champs is quite the deal. You also get your choice of pastries and an array of brunch and lunch options – Eggs Benedict, the classic Avocado Toast, Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich and the signature Villandry burger, to name a few. There’s something that will take everyone’s fancy. the-villandry-4The service was impeccable and our lovely server saw to it that we stayed topped up at all times. I don’t think my glass ever dipped below the halfway mark at any point, which is exactly what you want to happen during a bottomless brunch.

the-villandry-5“Pan au chocolat, sweet almond croissants or flaky, buttery rolls?” Our server politely asked. “We’ll take one of each!” We all said and with that our server brought us out a sumptuous array of warm pastries right out of the oven. We toasted to Lizz’s birthday and promptly tucked in. the-villandry-7We chit chatted all about Lizz’s upcoming trip back home to Australia and Amy’s plans for Christmas as the bubbles quickly made their way to our heads and we needed a bit more sustenance. We all agreed it was time to eat a little something more and our server was right by our side taking our orders. (He really was phenomenal).

the-villandry-9Poached Eggs, Avocado and Spinach on top of sourdough toast for Lizz and I, which truth be told was quite basic, but hit the spot. the-villandry-8And scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado for Amy. We aren’t the most original of brunchers, but in my opinion, when you go to a bottomless brunch, the champagne or prosecco usually ends up taking centre stage. This is a great option to celebrate a birthday with girlfriends – there was actually three other groups of gals in there celebrating their friends’ birthdays too! the-villandry-1A special surprise made its way over to my dear friend Lizz as the servers, Amy and I all sang Happy Birthday in unison and smiled and cheered. I still find it very special when the servers bring out a little treat and sing for birthdays and I don’t think that will ever change no matter how old I get. I find it really thoughtful and kind when a restaurant arranges a special surprise.

the-villandry-10We all got little treats too – raspberry macarons, shortbread with raspberry, meringue and a delicious salted caramel brownie, delicately placed on the plates.

We finished our desserts, topped off our champagne and headed to the bar after our two hours was up and carried on before heading to Somerset House for ice skating (lucky for us it was sold out, because by the time we got there we were just a tinyyyyy bit too tipsy to safely do any type of skating!)

Villandry St. James’s is a beautiful restaurant with a fantastic bottomless champagne brunch on the weekends. It is the perfect spot for a leisurely outing with girlfriends and the service was impeccable.

Villandry St. James’s | 12 Waterloo Pl | St. James’s | London | SW1Y 4AU