Caravan, Exmouth Market

There’s something about heading to a cosy cafe for brunch with friends when that crisp snap of air hits and the leaves start to fall. Such was the case this past Sunday when I met my best friend Lizz a catch up. It was a pretty chilly day with periods of rain showers mixed with sunshine and we wanted to go somewhere with a warm, relaxed vibe and comforting food – which called for Caravan in Exmouth Market.

caravan-exmouth-marketLizz and I have tried on numerous occasions to get a table at Caravan in King’s Cross, but never managed to get one as it’s always packed, so we tried our luck at the Exmouth Market location and luckily for us, snapped a table up right by the bar. In fact, I liked the atmosphere so much more at the Exmouth Market location as it’s smaller and cosier than its counterpart in King’s Cross. Exmouth Market is also a really charming area, filled with antique markets, quirky cafes and some awesome restaurants.

Caravan, to me, is one of those super cool and trendy restaurants, ideal for long, lazy brunches with friends, date night, or even just to sip coffee, read the paper and enjoy a morning of relaxation.

caravan-bar The interior of the Exmouth Market location is more on the industrial rustic side, with wooden tables, comfy chairs and sofas with soft pillows, white washed walls with unique maps and artwork that dress up the dining room, and a lovely bar with a fantastic cocktail and wine list.


malbecWe kicked off our leisurely brunch with two glasses of Malbec and had a look over the menu. On Saturdays and Sundays, Caravan has an all-day brunch menu, filled with the likes of Grilled Ham & Bubble & Squeak, Coconut Bread, Organic Salmon & Toast and Pickled Mackerel and Potato. If you’re into simpler fair, they do serve the classic avocado on toast with poached eggs.

_r016526 Followed by Corn Bread French Toast topped with corn, feta, avocado and chorizo for me.

avocado-toast-with-mushroomsAnd avocado toast with mushrooms for Lizz. I loved¬†the Corn Bread French Toast, an innovative twist on my favourite brunch dish. The feta added a tangy flavour and the chorizo added a savoury element to an overall sweet dish. The Avocado Toast was a little sad looking on it’s own but made a lot heartier paired with mushrooms.

caravan-dining-room-2We finished up ur brunch and stayed for a while. At Caravan in Exmouth Market, it doesn’t feel rushed – there’s no two hour slots and you’re out. You can stay and really enjoy yourself with friends. It’s a great and affordable brunch spot in a really charming area. I highly recommend it for next weekend’s outing – you won’t regret it.

Caravan | 11-13 Exmouth Market | London | EC1R 4QD | Reservations