Liberty Cheesesteak Company

My love of finding authentic and delicious American food in London is well documented on this blog and I can’t help but rave when I find one that hits so close to home, it practically transports me, for a mere matter of minutes, back to the USA. Liberty Cheesesteak Company is one of those gems in London that only comes across so often, that evokes great memories of going to high school on the East Coast and driving to Philadelphia just to eat a Philly Cheesesteak. These guys are the real deal and it was such a pleasure being able to meet the team behind these awesome cheesesteaks and try them out too.

_r016506First off, for those of you who are reading this post and don’t know what a Philly Cheesesteak is, you are in a for a real treat. An authentic cheesesteak is made with well-seasoned rib eye beef, cheese, and more specifically “Wiz,” (no not the spray kind) and sautéed onions, all placed delicately on a fresh, soft Italian sub. It’s basically heaven in the form of a sandwich. The Philly Cheesesteak Company is the very first in London to bring real Philly Cheesesteaks to London, do not be fooled by the many imposters out there.

_r016515We visited The Philly Cheesesteak Co. on a chilly Saturday afternoon in Old Spitalfields Market. They’ve got an awesome truck decked out to represent all that is great about the City of Brotherly Love – Phillies baseball memorabilia, the Liberty Bell, stars and stripes – it’s great, you can’t miss it! We were greeted by Philly native, PJ Teti, who left his London corporate job to bring a taste of his hometown to the Big Smoke. One day, PJ was really craving a Philly Cheesesteak and started to question why he couldn’t get a great one in London. It was at that moment, a few years ago, that he started experimenting with different ingredients at home to create his hometown comfort food. After a lot of trial and error, PJ got it right and with that, The Liberty Cheesesteak Company was born! Let freedom ring.

_r016509The menu is filled with the classics – traditional Philly Cheesesteaks as well as specials such as Chicken Cheesesteaks. When you go to Liberty Cheesesteak Co, the key is knowing how to order and rehearse it ahead of time. Do you want a whole or a half sandwich? What kind of cheese – Wiz or Provolone (both are awesome but you need to try the Wiz) and Wit or Witout (onions). Put it altogether and you get “Whole + Wiz + Wit” or “Half + Provolone + Witout.” Simple. PJ treated us to two Italian hoagies, and 2 Wholes, one with Wiz, the other with provolone, both Wit, alongside a Soda Folk Cream Soda and Root Beer.

_r016435I grew up eating Italian hoagies when I lived in New Jersey and these were out of this world. I know you’re thinking it’s just a sandwich, but honestly, you haven’t tried a real sandwich in London until you’ve tried these. Filled with capicola, prosciutto, genoa salami, soprassata salami, lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, red wine vinegar, olive oil and dried oregano, rolled together on their own freshly made hoagie rolls. It was love at first bite, a real crowd pleaser. We did save room though for the stars of the show and happily took half home to enjoy for dinner later.

_r016466Next up were the mind blowingly awesome Philly Cheesesteaks, packed with flavourful chunks of prime rib eye that they butcher themselves, sautéed onions, and the secret ingredient that ties it all together – the Wiz. What is Wiz you may be wondering? Made locally with 99.9% real cheese, PJ has perfected the technique of creating this gooey cheese, which you can see in action if you go visit them in Spitalfields. The combination of the meat, the bread and the Wiz is extraordinary and it brought back such great memories of home. It was definitely the best Philly I’ve had and it was refreshing to have a hearty, comforting sandwich.

_r016482Provolone cheese is nearly impossible to find over here and it was a real treat to have it on my Philly Cheesesteak. I love Wiz, but I think you can taste the flavour of the meat more with a lighter, but sharper provolone. The bread also must be talked about. Typically, authentic Philly cheesesteaks come on Amoroso bread, hearth-baked bread rolls. You can’t really find them outside of the East Coast, much less London or the UK in general. PJ pretty much perfected his own version of Amoroso’s famous Italian hoagies, and it’s unlike any bread you’ll have in London. It’s something you need to eat for yourself to understand.

_r016504The look of pure joy.

_r016472Washed down with Soda Folk pop. How cool are these cans?

It was a fantastic afternoon with some real deal Philly Cheesesteaks. The passion for creating not only authentic food, but an authentic American experience for the people of London was so evident and it was truly inspiring talking to PJ and hearing about the roots of the company. There’s a lot of soul there and if you visit for yourself, you’ll see what I mean, and you’ll walk away very very happy after your Philly Cheesesteak feast.

I can’t wait what to see what they’ve got planned for Soho over the next few months… stay tuned!

The Liberty Cheesesteak Company | Spitalfields Market | Lamb Street | E1 6EA | Daily

  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday – 11:30 – 16:00
  • Thursday/Friday – 11:30 – 19:00
  • Saturday/Sunday – 12:00 – 17:00

City Point | 1 Ropemaker Street | London | EC2Y 9JU | Every Wednesday & Friday fro 11am to 2pm.

*A huge thank you to the Liberty Cheesesteak Co for the awesome hospitality. 

Sunday at Southbank

Ciaran and I have a new Sunday ritual where we go for a run from our flat in Clapham all the way down to the London Eye and grab a coffee by the river or some street food from the Southbank Centre Food Market and relax in the sun. It’s a really beautiful run past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and a gorgeous view makes all the difference while jogging (panting) away.


There’s some cute little riverside cafés once you run past Vauxhall and just before the London Eye that are great spots for relaxing and taking in the views of this beautiful city, or keep running past the London Eye and you will end up at Southbank, one of my favourite places in all of London.


Southbank is an eclectic Thames-side area that is home to a great street food market, the National Theatre, the OXO Tower, Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Tate Modern, an array of fabulous restaurants, rooftop gardens that are ideal for picnics in the summer and all around, it’s a lovely area of London to grab an ice cream for a stroll along the river.


The river walk is lined with independent food vendors, ideal for grabbing a quick bite to eat on the go.


Bleecker St. Burger is one of my favourite burgers in London and they’ve taken up a permanent residency at Southbank.


Or if you fancy a taco, Wahaca also has a Mexican street food truck parked right outside the Royal Elizabeth Hall with colourful picnic tables to enjoy some street food in the sun.

The real gem of a food market though lies behind Royal Festival Hall…



The Southbank Centre Market is bursting with cultural cuisine from all four corners of the earth. It’s really a smorgasbord of some of the best street food in London. From pastries and pizza to juices and curries, there’s something for everyone!








One of my favourite street food stalls is The Frenchie. They specialise in the most out of this world duck confit sandwiches on fresh brioche with goats cheese and truffle honey. There’s just nothing quite like them. Next time you’re at Southbank, check them out – you won’t regret it.






These Dosas looked incredible.


Gelato, anyone?


If you’re looking for some Southern USA grub, head to Hank’s Po’Boys – it’s the closest you’ll get to authentic New Orlean’s Po’Boys in London.


Dough Bros Pizza is always a good idea.


After perusing all the stalls, Ciaran decided on a delicious chicken shawarma wrap.


Made fresh right in front of your eyes.


Being indecisive as usual, we took another lap around and the Donostia Social Club really caught my eye.


Specialising in Spanish Tapas, I couldn’t ignore the delectable looking samples and awesome hot tapas menu on display.





I was sold on the beautiful cold tapas alone and even more so after seeing the menu around the side.


I opted for the seared scallops with a colourful pisto sauce, green chili and almonds.



We took a seat in the sunshine and watched as the chef masterfully whipped up this gorgeous dish in front of our eyes. There is definitely something to be said for food made from scratch. It’s definitely appreciated and the dish tasted great. I’m a huge fan of scallops and these were cooked beautifully.


After finishing off the scallops, we were craving something a little on the sweet side.


In comes the Marshmallowist. They were the guest stall of the weekend and we had to give it a go. These guys specialise in quirky marshmallow flavours and will toast them for you.



Raspberry and champagne for me!


Perfectly toasted and gooey, we demolished our ‘mallows and stopped each other from getting another. Until next time, we both agreed as we made our walk back home to Clapham.

The Southank Centre Market is one of my favourites in London and is truly a treasure trove full of fantastic food from all over the world. I highly recommend sampling a few different stalls followed by a stroll along the river. I am excited for it to warm up so we can spend a day basking on the roof top gardens with some Pimms overlooking the gorgeous view of the Eye and St. Paul’s.

What is your favourite part of London?

Thanks for reading x

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