The Secret to a Perfect Festive Cheeseboard

the secret to a perfect cheeseboard Christmas isn’t the the same without a festive cheeseboard to tuck into whilst watching Home Alone with the family after dinner (or any Christmassy movie for that matter). There are endless accompaniments you can add to a cheeseboard – olives, nuts, crackers, bread, figs, the list goes on but what I think really makes a good cheeseboard really standout is a unique flavoured chutney that pairs well several different types of cheeses.

the secret to a perfect cheesebord The English Provender Co kindly gifted me these three unusual chutney flavours from their new Christmas range that I think make awesome stocking stuffers or gifts for the cheese-lover in your life. The packaging is really beautiful and  the jars have quite a premium feel to them – they look lovely on the side of any cheeseboard! 
festive cheeseboard
The English Provender Co’s range of Christmas chutneys pair exceptionally well with many different cheeses and taste absolutely divine with warm French bread and cured meats.

The English Provender Co The Caramelised Red Onion Chutney pairs great with a strong cheese such as a mature Cheddar or blue cheese such as Blacksticks blue or Stilton.

The English Provender Co The Sweet Tomato and Chilli Chutney tastes fantastic with mild Cheddar or Double Gloucester. I also tried it with blue cheese on a warm baguette and it was exquisite. The sweet and savoury melds perfectly together with the saltiness of the blue cheese and I added a bit of parma ham on top. Needless to say it’s an addicting little snack – once you start you won’t stop! You’ve been forewarned.

The English Provender Company The Plum & Apple Chutney tastes lovely with softer cheeses such as brie and Camembert or rind washed cheeses like Epoisses or Morbier. Blue cheese and Stilton also tastes great with. I love the sweetness of this chutney – it’s not overly sugary and makes or the ideal dessert paired with lighter cheeses and port.

Other elements I personally love with any cheeseboard are pita chips and crackers, warm bread, olives, grapes, nuts and cured meats like proscuitto or parma ham to round it all off!

the secret to a perfect cheeseboard Oh, and don’t forget the wine! A medium-bodied red, like this incredible bag-in-box red from Vinoteca (trust me, it’s fantastic and breaks the bag-in-box stigma), La Crema Chardonnay, NV Tawney Port, or a light bubbly such as this unique Camel Valley Sparkling Red. 

Place all of your cheeseboard elements strategically on a huge wooden, slate or marble cheeseboard, add your English Provender Co chutneys of choice, throw in a few cheese knives, pour your wine and tuck in! I hope you enjoy.


You can buy the English Provender Co range of chutneys at several major grocery stores including Waitrose, Sainbury’s ASDA, and Tesco.

*I was gifted The English Provender Co’s range of chutneys, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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