Chakra, Kensington

Chakra, Kensington

For long time readers of this blog, you probably know by now that one of my favourite cuisines is Indian! There is no shortage of phenomenal Indian restaurants in London and today I am sharing with you Chakra in Kensington.

Inspired by ancient Vedic scriptures, the Chakras are energy points associated with a positive flow of energy throughout the body. The talented team of chefs at Chaka add another dimension by bringing a positive energy with food, balancing out traditional Indian flavours with contemporary flair and the gorgeous dishes speak for themselves – think bright, vibrant and bold. You’ll see!

The restaurant itself is intimate, with a cute garden area in the front, perfect for whiling away summer evenings with a glass of wine and some delicious Indian snacks.

The menu is filled with traditional yet elevated dishes like Onion Bhajis, Tandoori Lamb Chops, Tiger Prawns, Chicken Koorma, you get the gist. Kick off with a selection of beautifully presented starters – they are smaller portions so be sure to pick out a few to share!

We went for the Salmon Tikka – cooked on the Salamander Grill and served with Wasabi Mayo, The Tikki Trio – A classic potato mint and green chili fritter, Sweet potato, parsley and red onion Fritter, Blue potato white onion, red chili and coriander fritter served with coriander and tamarind chutney and the Chicken Tikka Kebab – A Chakra classic – tender cubes of chicken are marinated with red deghi mirch, served with a coriander chutney.

Super impressed with our starters, we moved on to the mains.

Now, Ciaran normally goes for the spiciest dishes on the planet – Vindaloo, extra hot. My tastebuds can’t handle the spice and as we we were sharing, we went for the milder, safer option – the coconut prawn curry. With influences from Southern India, the King Prawns are pan cooked with coconut mustard seeds, curry leaves and a variety of spices. The dish was perfectly well seasoned and I loved the sweet coconut taste but the prawns were a little on the small side seeing as they were meant to be King prawns. Nonetheless, the dish was delicious.

The Chicken Korma – a long-time favourite of mine – was delicious, tender and perfectly sweet. A classic chicken korma with black and green grapes, roasted almonds and pomegranate tossed in a classic korma sauce. It hit the spot, no complaints!

We also shared a side of the Sweet Potato and Okra. Influenced by the Caribbean… cubes of sweet potato are tossed with okra, red onion and fresh coriander. This dish was superb – crunchy, buttery pieces of sweet potato and okra just melted in our mouths. Ciaran wants to make the dish at home. I just want to note though that the dish is listed in the Mains section, but it is definitely more of a side/sharing dish to accompany your meal.

We mopped up our curry with goats cheese naan bread – something I had never had before. I love goats cheese and I love naan and the combination of the two was sinfully good. They are really rich and I’d recommend getting a plain or garlic naan if you want something milder! I however, loved them and it was nice to try something a bit more unusual.

In the bid to be somewhat healthy (we just ate a curry, I don’t  know what we were thinking) we said our thank yous and strolled on home sans desserts.

I really liked Chakra – it is small and intimate, perfect for  date night and the service is lovely. The starters really wowed me both in presentation and in taste and I greatly enjoyed the mains as well. For a really enjoyable meal that you know is going to taste great, I recommend Chakra.

Chakra, 33C Holland St, Kensington, London W8 4LX, Book Now 

*I was invited in to review Chakra. All views and opinions are my own.