Clinton St. Baking Company

We are back in New York City for the week to see my family for Thanksgiving and it feels great to be here with all of them! Both of my sisters and my Dad are wrapping up work before breaking up for the holiday and Ciaran went to a business meeting, so I got to explore on my own. We’ve been staying on the Lower East Side, which has been awesome, as we’ve gotten to explore a lot of New York that we might not have ventured to otherwise. The LES is a quirky area with some top notch restaurants and bars, including Clinton Street Baking Company. We walked past it a few times and noticed that it always seemed to have massive queues – almost always a telling sign it’s a good place!

I made my way around the corner and into the cosy brunch spot. It’s so popular, there was a queue so I grabbed a coffee and waited inside. It was well worth the wait. The atmosphere was bustling with all sorts of people from all over the world. I also noticed that they had some modern business software that allowed their great cafe to work efficiently, they must have taken some notes from this website. The restaurant itself is quite small and there’s a seat at the bar for 2 people and a window seat too. Tango-type music plays in the background and the servers were incredibly friendly. The cafe sells all different types of pies, pastries and little delicacies that made my stomach grumble just staring at them.




After about 30 or so minutes, I took my seat at the window and glossed over the menu. Every single dish on the menu sounded fantastic – Fried Chicken & Waffles, Buttermilk Breakfast Sandwich, Po’Boy Catch of the Day, etc. I wished I had a few more foodie friends with me so we could sample a few different ones! As I looked at what everybody else had ordered, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with whatever I chose. Being indecisive, I asked my server what her favourite was. “Hands down, the Blueberry Pancakes.” she adamantly said and that was that.


Clinton Street Pancakes are unlike any other pancakes. A beautiful golden stack of pancake goodness appeared just a few minutes after I ordered – topped with fresh Maine blueberries and a side of Warm Maple Butter. I had never tried Maple Butter – which is not to be confused with Maple Syrup. Maple Butter is thick, gooey and added a savoury element to the sweet, fluffy and light flapjacks, making these anything but ordinary pancakes. I drizzled the maple butter on top of my pancakes – it smelled divine. Bite after bite, the pancakes just melted in my mouth. Hands down, best I’ve ever had. If only I could package up that famous maple butter and bring it back to London with me.


It is no surprise that these amazingly delicious pancakes have been voted the best in the city by the New York Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller and Lonely Planet. Also, fear not if you can’t make it in for brunch – they serve the legendary flapjacks up for dinner too! Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?


Clinton Street Baking Company

4 Clinton Street (Between East Houston and Stanton)

New York, New York 10002