Cocoon Maldives, Heaven on Earth

We have just arrived back in London after two weeks of pure honeymoon bliss in the Maldives, a tropical oasis in the Indian Ocean made up of more than 1000 beautiful islands. We stayed at one of the first designer resorts called Cocoon Maldives – a short 45 minute seaplane from Malé located on a picture perfect atoll in the middle of the ocean on the Ookolhufinolhu Island. To say it was paradise would be an understatement. The Maldives was actually recommended to us by some friends who like to go on small ship cruises. They love to travel to luxurious destinations and they had an amazing time when they visited the Maldives so they thought it would be right up our street.

After one of the most stressful periods of your life planning a wedding whilst also juggling a full time job and applying for a second visa, the Maldives was perfect for us. It was the exact thing we wanted, but I have to say, Cocoon Maldives was anything but boring in a good way! This resort has everything you could possibly want from a gorgeous spa, to a water sports centre, island hopping, daily snorkelling trips and more. It is the perfect combination of chill out and fun, allowing you to do whatever you want at your own speed.

Cocoon was everything we wanted and more for our honeymoon and I am going to dive right in and take you on a little tour through heaven on earth.

Arriving at Cocoon

When we arrived in Malé, the capital of the Maldives, we zipped off the plane, jetted through security and found where to catch the seaplane to head to Cocoon. We jumped on board the tiniest plane I have ever been in and flew away over the ocean, occasionally glancing down to see all the gorgeous islands with pure white sand. I was bursting with excitement when we arrived at our final destination. We stepped off the seaplane and were greeted with friendly faces and glasses of champagne. We headed down the wooden Jetty, in awe of just how beautiful the resort was. As we walked into the open-air reception, the office managers ran through all that Cocoon had to offer and afterwards, they whisked us away to our over water villa on the back of a buggy. I instantly knew this was going to be one of the most amazing trips we take in our lifetime.

The Resort

On the back of the buggy, we got a little tour of the island and I loved the minimalist aesthetic of the resort – the majority of the areas i.e. the bars, the front office and Octopus restaurant are airy, with no walls and thatched palm leaf roofs so you can look out on to the ocean at any given time while enjoying a drink or your dinner. The resort does a great job at mixing simplicity with luxury and it had a laid back vibe that Ciaran and I really needed after the last few years. The entire Island is beautiful, with lush greenery, pure white sand (although there is a bit of coral and some seashells!), crystal clear turquoise water and plenty of lounge chairs around the beach and pool to relax in. You can walk around the entire island in about 10 minutes and even though it’s a resort – you truly feel like you are on a deserted island as it is never packed with people. There were days where Ciaran and I would be at the far end of the Island near Kurum-Bar, a drink in our hands and not a single soul in sight – it is pure bliss.

The Villas

When we were researching where to honeymoon, Ciaran really wanted to stay somewhere with those beautiful over-water villas and the Maldives is one of the few places on earth that has them.

The Lagoon Villas at Cocoon are breath taking. Walking along the jetty every day, we had to pinch ourselves because we couldn’t believe that for two weeks, the ocean was our back garden. As we arrived to our Villa – number 327 and stepped inside, tranquility washed over me and I was so happy to be there. The rooms are simple, yet high-end, with a huge king size bed, a gorgeous bathroom with a large shower that overlooks the ocean, his and her sinks, a lounge area within the room to have drinks, and all the amenities one could want – a Nespresso machine, mini bar that is stocked daily with alcohol, soft drinks and water, two wardrobes, a flat screen TV, etc. The real highlight of the room however, is the expansive balcony that leads right down into the crystal clear water.

We slept with the balcony doors open every single night, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and waking up to an incredible sunrise every morning followed by jumping into the sea. I have never been anywhere so breathtakingly beautiful in my life. There were days we’d come back to our villa after napping on the beach and relax on our deck chairs and swim around the sea. Early in the mornings, I would often wake up and enjoy a coffee outside as the sun came up and would see sting rays swiftly jet across the water alongside yellow angel fish. It’s those mornings I will never forget.

The Food

The food at Cocoon was outstanding. As someone with a real passion for food, I can say I was truly impressed at the variety and presentation of all the food! There are two restaurants on the Island – Octopus, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and Manta – which serves a la carte for lunch and dinner. As we were all-inclusive, we ate at Octopus most days and I absolutely loved it. I have been to a few all-inclusive resorts before and was less than impressed with them as the food typically isn’t great and there is a lack of variety every day, but not at Cocoon!

As we walked into Octopus daily, we were greeted by the lovely Zai and kindly asked where we wanted to sit – to which the answer was always outside 🙂 We were seated and the serving staff – shout out to our new friend Auf, would always ask us what we wanted to drink and promptly bring it over. The food is served buffet style, but the presentation of all the stations is beautiful and each night features a different theme – Friday’s are Maldivian nights, serving traditional Maldivian food, Wednesday is Sushi and Asian night, Thursdays is Tex Mex night etc. You get a real variety at Cocoon and there is truly something for everyone. If you aren’t as adventurous, they have pasta and salads and even if that doesn’t take your fancy – the staff are phenomenal and will cook you up anything you like! My favourite was the abundance of fresh fish grilled right in front of your eyes. The team head out every morning at sunrise to catch fresh fish you can enjoy for lunch and dinner – I made sure to take advantage! The fish varies from tuna to reef fish to white fish, etc. They also had Octopus, calamari and prawns – all of it was outstanding.

Manta Restaurant is a very special restaurant located over the lagoon. As it was our honeymoon, we had a really special lunch and dinner there overlooking the ocean. The service, again, is top notch and the food was out of this world. There is an abundance of options on the a la carte menu, but each time we decided to go with the fresh fish – starting with the yellow fin carpaccio followed by the fresh fish platter. It is such a memorable experience dining at both Manta and Octopus – looking out on to the ocean and breathing in the fresh sea air. There really isn’t anything like it!

The Drinks

There are two bars at Cocoon, Loabiloabi Bar near the pool, which serves up drinks all day and late into the evening as well as the Kurum-bar at the far end of the Island that is open until the sun sets. Both bars are excellent and serve up an array of cocktails, mocktails, wine, beer, juices, soft drinks, etc. Anything you want – they can do it! The all-inclusive package includes several different types of red, white and rosé wine, various spirits, soft drinks, cocktails and mocktails – there is truly so much variety that you won’t get bored. My favourite were the Piña Coladas 🙂 My only suggestion would be to include at least one prosecco or sparkling wine on the all-inclusive package. I’ll be glad to be getting back to drinking filtered water when I get home though. We just bought a whole house water filter system after looking at the advice on Water Filter Way’s site.

During the day, Ciaran and I often grabbed drinks and a lounge chair at Kurum-bar as there was rarely anybody over there and it felt as though we had the entire island to ourselves, it was awesome. In the evenings, we would grab drinks at Loabiloabi after dinner and there is always a DJ, a singer or some form of entertainment in that bar! The first night we were there, everybody was up and dancing, including Ciaran and myself. We had such a great time and the staff is phenomenal and so much fun. A special shout out to Cherry – who brought us an abundance of drinks during our time at Cocoon!

The Cube Spa

Ciaran and I had not one, but three full body massages at the tranquil Cube Spa. They were the best spa treatments I’ve ever had. Several of the therapists are originally from Bali so we decided to go with a traditional Balinese massage twice and an Aromatherapy massage – both of which were so fantastic we fell asleep each time! The Cube Spa itself is so peaceful – from the moment we stepped foot inside the spa, a calmness overcame us and for the hour we floated away into a restful bliss.

I was truly blown away at how stunning Cocoon is – we could not have had a more perfect honeymoon. Stay tuned for part two of this post, where I’ll fill you in on all the amazing activities Cocoon has to offer.