Duck & Bao | Soho

Duck & Bao | Soho

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret, but shhh don’t tell anybody or the queues will end up being massive…Duck & Bao, ladies and gents, is Soho’s best kept secret and man is it good.

Located down a small alleyway in between Soho’s finest “massage parlours” is one of the area’s hidden gems in Tisbury Court. We stumbled past the little inconspicuous snack shack on a night out a few weeks ago and thought, I need to try this place ASAP. I scoured the internet, trying to find any reviews or info on it, but much to my dismay – nothing pops up. In fact, it’s as if it doesn’t exist at all – which piqued my interest even more.


We moseyed on over during lunch time (FYI – they’re only open between 12-4pm Monday-Fridays). They specialise in Taiwanese and Malaysian Cuisine and of course, lots of different types of Baos – aka soft pillowy buns. I love Bao buns – you might remember my great experience at B A O (also in Soho).






We queued up (don’t worry, it was rather short) and of course ordered the Aromatic Duck Baos – we had to order their signature dish, after all it is their namesake. 2 large tender, juicy, dripping with sauce, overflowing with toppings, soft, pillowy and delicious Aromatic Duck Baos were all ours for just £6.50. It cannot be beat. They really are quite large enough that you could share an order of 2 between 2 people and feel content afterwards.


The Aromatic Duck Bao comes with a zesty, hoisin sauce and was topped with onions, carrot shavings, swiss chard and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I quickly devoured Bao number 1 with ease – it was seriously so good and packed with flavour. I quickly demolished Bao number 2 before I knew it and was left craving these pillowy delights all day long. (I still am, let’s be honest). If you’re in the Soho area around lunchtime – it’s definitely worth a trip, but be sure to keep it on the down low!

If you’ve been to Duck & Bao before, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, be sure to show them some Facebook love by liking their page here.

Duck & Bao

4A Tisbury Court

Soho, London