Falling in Love with Kurobuta, Chelsea

Have you ever fallen in love with a restaurant? I know this might sound silly, but every so often, I visit a restaurant that has that real wow-factor, ticks all the boxes and makes me want to come back time and time again. Kurobuta in Chelsea was one of those restaurants.

Arguably one of the edgiest restaurants on the King’s Road, Kurobuta takes inspiration from the Izakayas of Japan and serves up outstanding tapas-style dishes that cleverly fuses Japanese and Australian influences. As we walked in, we were greeted by the bubbly hostess who led us through the eclectic restaurant that was filled with rock n’ roll posters, dim-lighting and Japanese anime art. It was definitely funky and we definitely loved its unique nature from the start.




_r016402It was one of my last free days before starting a new job and I met up with my fellow Kansas gal, Claire for a lazy Friday lunch to catch up. We kicked off our lunch with a bottle of prosecco and were left to have a look over the phenomenal-sounding menu, which is filled with everything from sushi and snacks to BBQ and kimchee and even a “Junk Food Japan” menu that we were definitely on board with.

The expertly curated menu was devised by ex-Nobu chef, Scott Hallsworth, who has cooked for the likes of Michael Jackson, the Beckhams and even catered for Roman Abramovich’s private box at Chelsea Football Club. Needless to say, we knew we were in for something spectacular.

_r016380With so much to choose from, we asked our server what she would suggest and she advised  ordering three dishes each to share and told us some of her favourites along with some signature plates. She was the expert – so we ordered all the superb sounding dishes she recommended.

_r016383While we clinked glasses and toasted to Friday, our lovely server brought us out Flamed Edamame with sake, lemon butter and maldon salt to munch on before the real feast came out.

_r016384Before we knew it, we were presented with a gorgeous plate of Yellowtail Sashimi with Kizami Wasabi Salsa and Yuzu Soy from the ‘Raw Salad’ menu. Expertly cut pieces of delicate sashimi looked almost too pretty to eat, but we dove in fork first. The Yuzu-Soy added a punchy tang whilst the Wasabi Salsa added the perfect amount of heat to the light yellowtail. We both agreed, this was definitely a star dish and one that we would gladly order again.

_r016387We also ordered the Beef Fillet Tataki with onion ponzu topped with garlic crisps. Another stunning dish, the beef fillet was incredibly tender and packed with flavour. The garlic crisps added a lovely crunch to the delicate layers of beef, which melted in our mouths bite after bite.

_r016394From the Robata Grill, we ordered the BBQ Pork Belly in Steamed Buns with Peanut Soy. This was the most mind-blowing dish of our lunch and we only wished we had ordered two plates of these so we didn’t have to share. The pork belly was cooked to perfection – tender and juicy. We slathered the salty peanut sauce all over and enjoyed every last bite of these heavenly morsels. To say these  were incredible would be an understatement.

_r016391Another highlight was the Tuna Sashimi Pizza with Truffle Ponzu and Wasabi Tobiko, from the Junk Food Japan Menu. This pizza is truly legendary and one of the most popular dishes on the menu. A twist on traditional pizza, the crust was crunch and buttery whilst the tuna sashimi was packed with flavour from the aromatic truffle ponzu and spice from the Wasabi Tobiko. One thing we must note is that Scott Hallsworth definitely knows how to play on textures. The crunchy base paired with the delicate tuna sashimi was delectable.

_r016397We also ordered the Wagyu beef sliders in steamed buns with crunchy onion pickled cucumber and Umami Mayo from the Junk Food Japan menu. The Wagyu was perfectly cooked and tender and I really enjoyed the Umami mayo and crunchy onions with them.

_r016395-2We did fit some greens in with this exceptional lunch and ordered the Kale Salad Oshitashi with Goma Tofu-Lemon dressing and crushed nuts. I loved all of the crunch in this dish. Kale has a tendency to be a bit soggy, but that was certainly not the case here. It was crisp and refreshing and the dressing added a great deal of flavour. We both wished we could eat this for lunch everyday.

We didn’t want our spectacular lunch to end, but alas, all good things must come to an end sooner or later. We gulped up what was left of our prosecco, said our goodbyes and headed off to Peckham to check out an art gallery, but eventually ended up at Frank’s rooftop bar for more tipples and the sunset.

img_0051Kurobuta is, without a doubt, one of the best restaurants on the King’s Road and definitely my new favourite in London. We loved the edgy vibe, the phenomenal food and fantastic service. Each dish is made with such care and precision, it is blatantly obvious how talented Scott and his team are. We already can’t wait to come back and try out more dishes from the stellar menu. 

Kuruobuta | 312 King’s Rd | London | SW3 5UH | Book Now 

Thank you, Kurobuta for the kind hospitality. It was great!