Campo Viejo’s Lake of Colour Pops Up at Clapham Common

One of the things I love the most about London, is that there is never a dull moment. There is always a fun pop-up happening or a unique event to go to. I was super excited when I got the invitation to attend the Campo Viejo Lake of Colour in Clapham Common. I had seen the beautiful and vibrant floating wine bar splashed across the internet and newsletters, and couldn’t wait to go and check it out!

_R014043The famous Spanish wine maker, Campo Viejo, has created London’s first-ever floating wine bar with the aim to bring Londoners and visitors together to create good memories. And that it did! I brought my friend Lizz along with me as she was really intrigued to check it out too. _R014045The colourful pop-up features wine blending masterclasses, upbeat live music and delicious tapas for guests to kick back and relax.


After being greeted with crisp glasses of refreshing champagne, we took our seats to try out a blending class, in which we had the opportunity to taste a range of red Rioja wines and eventually create our own! Campo Viejo has become synonymous with Rioja wines. Just a bit of background for you – Rioja is Spain’s premier wine-growing region and Campo Viejo harvests the Tempernillo grape under three different climates. The warm conditions in Rioja Alta create light flavours of wine, fruit from the harsher environment found in Rioja Alavesa produces a more full-bodied flavour and the warm, dry atmosphere creates rich, deep flavours. When all three are combined, they create the impeccable taste of Rioja!


We had the opportunity to try a range of red Rioja wines that reflected the different climates that the tempernillo grapes are harvested in including the Tempernillo, Graciano and the Mazeulo. All three had distinct tasting notes – some being lighter and others being a bit more bold. My favourite was the Tempernillo! It was crisp, light and on the fruitier side.

_R014073After sampling the three contrasting red wines, we had the chance to create three of our own wines by blending different amounts of each together to create our perfect custom wine creation!


_R014078I think it’s safe to say this is the only science class Lizz and I have passed with flying colours! We experimented a bit and taste tested all three before deciding on a Tempernillo-based bottle of wine that we had bottled and corked!

_R014083Our Best Friend wine creations, which now has a permanent home on my bar cart!





_R014096Lizz and I enjoyed a few more glasses of Rijoa and listened to the awesome Spanish-inspired tunes from The Fontanas as the sunset and the event came to a close.

Campo Viejo’s Lake of Colour is one of the best pop-ups I’ve been to this year and I highly recommend visiting with a few friends – It’ll definitely brighten your day!

Entry is free and the wine blending class is £15 or you can buy a few glasses of wine from the vibrant bar area.

The Lake of Colour will be at Mount Pond in Clapham Common from 9-12 June 2016.