Fresh Pasta at Pasta Remoli

Last week, Ciaran and I headed to Pasta Remoli in Finsbury Park for a little date night after work. Owned by Chef Simone Remoli, Pasta Remoli is a wonderful restaurant for good old fashioned Italian pasta. Originally from Rome, Simone grew up learning how to make pasta from his mother and eventually went on to train at some of the best restaurants in the city, where he learned various pasta-making techniques and the art of ancient Roman cooking. Bringing a little Italian flair to London, Simone put his cooking skills to the test and worked at the likes of Roka, Barrafina, Locanda Locatelliand Bocca-di Lupo.

Unsatisfied with the quality of pasta being served throughout London, Simone started to perfect his secret techniques and began supplying his homemade pasta to Italian restaurants all over, most notably Quo Vadis in Soho. A few years later, Simone decided to take the plunge and start his own restaurant, in which customers can enjoy traditional homemade pasta at affordable prices and with that, Pasta Remoli landed in London.



We were greeted with big smiles from the personable staff and promptly whisked away to our table. The interior has colourful touches with vibrant artwork on the walls, comfy sofas, lovely rustic tables and quirky lighting throughout. The atmosphere was very relaxed and we really enjoyed a more laid back vibe. It’s not a luxury restaurant, but it’s not intended to be. Pasta Remoli is all about the pasta!



Our lovely server brought us our drinks – a Moretti for Ciaran and a glass of red wine for me. He ran through the menu with us, which is divided into Starters, Traditional Italian Mains, Pastas, Sides, Desserts, and Gelati. With so many great-sounding choices to choose from, I told our server to bring out what he would personally recommend. We were excited for a few surprises…


For starters, he brought us the Deep Fried Arancini with seasonal filling (£4)  Crispy and fried to perfection, they were really delicious.


Filled with a cheesy risotto on the inside. Ciaran and I were fighting over who got the last one (I won).


They also brought us Burrata and Parma Ham (£6.80), which is always a winner in my book. We love Burrata and it was so creamy and delicious with the salty parma ham.


We both devoured each dish in about five seconds flat.


The starters were perfect portions to share between two people and will have you excited for the mains. Our server brought us the Ox Cheeks and Carrozza and Tuna Caper Sauce (£10) from the Traditional Italian section of the menu. The Ox Cheeks were fried and again, perfectly crispy. The meat inside was tender and juicy.


I was, at first, hesitant about the Tuna Caper Sauce, but it tasted almost like an aioli that was the ideal accompaniment to the Ox Cheeks. It was one of my favourite dishes of the evening. It’s also a great starter between two people.



I was thrilled when our server brought out the Truffle & Mushroom Ravioli with the Butter & Sage sauce. The aroma of the truffles hit me instantly, the dish was light and creamy and I wanted it all to myself to be perfectly honest. The Butter & Sage sauce was light enough that it let the truffle and mushroom flavours shine through. The ravioli was cooked perfectly and it was evident that the pasta freshly made. It was a dish that truly put a smile on my face. If only I could have this at home every night.


Alongside the Mushroom and Truffle Ravioli was the Pappardelle with Italian Pork Sausage Ragu (£9.30), a very rich tomato sauce with plenty of seasoning on the meat and a good helping of parmesan on top. Ciaran is always a bit weary of ordering ragu in restaurants as he always says nothing will top his Nonna’s ragu, but he loved this dish and despite the copious amount of food already consumed the Pork Ragu did not last very long near him! Despite an incredibly tasty ragu, which he admitted was at least as good as his Nonna’s, he confirmed what I had been thinking too, that the real star is the pasta itself. Springy and chewy without being rubbery-the pasta really stands out.


Utterly full of delicious pasta, but never too full for dessert! Our server brought out a few digestifs including limoncello and Amaro Montenegro, a strong Italian liqueur.


We sipped on our digestifs and tucked into the Fruit Tart (£.3.50) – which was very palate cleansing and light. It was the ideal dessert to top off a carb-laden dinner! All of the desserts are homemade in house.


Of course, Ciaran doesn’t like to split anything, so we also ordered the Tiramisu with Disarono Jelly (£4.50) and both of us must admit, it was a fantastic dessert. Ciaran normally isn’t the biggest fan of Tiramisu as he’s not a huge fan of the strong alcohol taste most have. Pasta Remoli got the balance just right between the cake itself and alcohol. It was luscious and creamy, and despite how full we both were, we couldn’t let it go to waste!


We both decided we couldn’t leave without buying some pasta to bring home with us. I couldn’t pass up the Truffle & Mushroom Ravioli and Ciaran got an order of the Spinach & Ricotta. Both were delicious when we made them at home with Pesto on Saturday.

Overall, our experience at Pasta Remoli was fantastic. The service was superb and the fresh, homemade pasta is truly the star of the menu. For an affordable and lovely evening, look no further! There is also a wonderful pre-theatre menu that includes a glass of wine or other drink, a main and a dessert for £15!

We were guests of Pasta Remoli, but all views and opinions are our own. Thank you for the generous hospitality Pasta Remoli. We’ll be back to pick up some more fresh pasta soon!

Pasta Remoli 

7 Clifton Terrace

Finsbury Park

N4 3JP