Gourmet Kebabs at Le Bab

On Friday night, I met up with my very chic French friend Julia to catch up over dinner. We both love trying new restaurants in London and we had our hearts set on Le Bab, a posh kebab shop on the top floor of Kingly Court in Soho. After a few failed attempts to make a booking (this place is wildly popular, and for good reason) we managed to, very luckily, snag a window seat.

Kebabs in the UK are what we in the US call a Gyro, an assortment of grilled meat, veggies and sauce in a delicious wrap or pita. From using seasonal produce, meat from high end suppliers and baking their own flat bread on a wood and charcoal fired robata, Le Bab has elevated the average kebab into a luxurious delight.

When we first walked in to LeBab, my instant thoughts were – wow, this place is really cute. It is a quaint restaurant, with blue and white tiles, marble topped tables, copper accents, window seats, and a bar around the kitchen that seats about 8-10 people.

Image c/o Le Bab

Image c/o Le Bab

Image c/o Le Bab

Image c/o Le Bab

We took our seats and ordered a few drinks. Sauvignon Blanc for me a London Beer Factory Bohemian craft beer for Julia. We chit chatted all about Julia’s amazing new position with one of the top art galleries in the world and her plans for New York in a few months time. 


After lots of catching up and some congratulatory toasts, we finally got around to ordering a few starters to share and 2 ‘babs. The menu isn’t over-complicated, consisting of 3 starters, 3 sides, 4 babs and 1 dessert. I personally like a smaller menu. It’s refreshing when a restaurant only features a select number of dishes that they have perfected, and Le Bab did just that.


We started off with the Lokma Doughnuts filled with spiced chicken liver parfait. I really enjoyed these scrumptious, soft doughnuts. They caramel glaze on the outside of the doughnuts was balanced well with the spiciness of the chicken liver parfait on the inside. The ideal combination between sweet and salty. I’ve got to say, I was well and truly blown away by this dish.


By our server’s recommendation, we also ordered the Skotch Köftes – BBQ pork Kofte (similar to a meat ball) with a Burford Brown egg and house spiced brown sauce on the side. This rendition of the scotch egg was packed with flavour and the egg was perfectly poached inside, beautifully oozing out the moment we cut into it.

IMG_7121 (1)

On its own, this dish was good, but the homemade brown sauce really made it. The outside was crunchy and inside was soft and delicious – each bite melted in our mouths.


Next up came the ‘Babs. I ordered the Chicken & Egg with rice, chilli puree, mesclun leaves, pickled egg white, poached egg yolk, and puffed rice. They recommend rolling it up and eating it like a wrap, so I broke the yolk and followed the chefs orders. Delicious. The chicken was tender and juicy and the puffed rice added a crunchy texture while the chilli puree added a nice heat. The egg yolk, added another dimension to the kebab as well, although it probably still would have been an awesome without it.


Julia ordered the 15 hour Free Range Pork Shawarma with burnt cabbage pickle, golden beetroot and chilli relish, crackling and pork aioli. I didn’t try hers, but she said it was absolutely delicious and loved it. Neither of us left any bite to spare!

Julia and I finished our drinks and said our goodbyes ’til our next food-fuelled adventure. For an elevated twist on a traditional kebab, head to Le Bab for a brilliant, top notch experience.

Le Bab 

Top Floor, Kingly Court

Carnaby Street, Soho

London, W1B 5PW