Great Backpacks for Travelling

I’ve never been a huge backpack kinda gal, but I brought one on our big trip to Bali in March and it was so helpful, I can’t imagine traveling without one anymore! I’ve heard that Parker Clay does some environmentally friendly leather backpacks for those people who care about sustainability! Our trip was 18 days in total and we traveled a lot – from Singapore to Bali and then all over once we got there, so it was great to have a bag that I could fling over my back and hold all of our valuables – namely my camera, lenses, drone, and laptop. I will definitely be bringing it with me when I visit Melbourne next summer. I’m so excited as we’ve just booked to stay in the Melbourne Hostel!

While I typically carry around a tote bag or a purse on a daily basis, a backpack is so much more functional when it comes to traveling and I found it a lot easier to trek around with. A friend of mine recommended an Arkadia Supply backpack for its durability and because you can fit it in a pocket when not using it! For my next trip, I’ve been looking at going on a USA Road Trip! We’re thinking of getting an RV for the trip too from somewhere like This backpack would be the perfect little accompaniment. From dashing through the airport to catch our flights to bringing along with us on all of our excursions, my backpack is no doubt my most useful travel necessity.

When it comes to choosing a backpack for your travels, the first thing to think about is what you are going to put in it. I brought this awesome Patagonia Black Hole backpack on our trip and while it’s quite out of character for me, I love it! It safely holds my camera, lenses, laptop, drone and tripod with plenty of space to spare. It also has two water bottle holders on the side, which came in handy whilst we were hiking around the waterfalls and it’s waterproof, so none of our electronics got drenched when it started raining in Bali. There are plenty of other compartments too that I used to keep my wallet, passport, travel documents, medicine, etc. It is small enough to carry on flights without any trouble at all, and big enough to carry all the above mentioned electronics + tennis shoes, makeup bag, a few extra clothes, etc.

My Patagonia was perfect for our trip, but there are a lot of other backpacks I looked at that I think would be great depending on your needs, so I have rounded up some of my favourites below!


All of these bags are functional for travelling and some of them are really cute! I’ve had my eye on the Kapten & Son cream and leather backpack and I was split between that one or my Patagonia for our trip, but decided on the latter purely for practical reasons. With that said, I am going to splurge and get the Kapten & Sons bag soon for everyday use!

Do you travel with a backpack? What’s your favourite brand? Let me know!