IKEA Coffee Table DIY

Ciaran and I just moved into our new flat and we’ve been busy furnishing it and decorating. IKEA has been our go-to for a lot of our furniture and to be honest, we’ve found some really great pieces there. The last time we went there, we picked up the Vittsjo Nesting Coffee Tables for the bargain price of £45! I really love the look of a gold and marble coffee table and I had found a lot of IKEA Hacks about how to achieve this expensive look on a budget. So while this DIY IKEA Hack has been done and written about previously, I thought I would still share it with all of you! It took a little longer than expected, as we didn’t use an Ikea Flat pack Assembly Services. Maybe we will have to do this next time!

What You Need

IKEA Coffee Table

Valspar Gold Spray Paint (B&Q)

Marble Contact Paper

Just a warning, give yourself an entire day to dedicate to this project. We didn’t think it would take as long as it did, but truth be told it takes a lot longer than we anticipated!

Ikea Hack

The pieces of the coffee table come disassembled. Take them out of the box and use the cardboard to lay them on. We used Ciaran’s parents garden for the project. Make sure it’s not too windy or raining out when you spray paint.

We started spraying each piece of metal as evenly as possible with the gold spray paint. You can use any colour you like. B&Q has a good selection of spray paints. Once each piece takes about a half hour to dry. Once they are dry enough, go back over with a second coat of spray paint to make sure you go over any spots you missed. Leave each piece to leave over night (trust me). We made the mistake of bubble wrapping each piece way too early and regretted it hours later when we had to go back and re-spray paint a few of the pieces.

Ikea Hack 3

While the pieces are drying, move on to putting the marble contact paper on the wooden board that will go on the bottom of the coffee table. This is definitely a two person job, and I would recommend buying 2 roles of contact paper just incase. Start at the corners of the board and slowly work your way up, smoothing out any air bubbles with a towel or wallpaper leveller (a credit card would even work for this).

Ikea Hack 2

Cut any excess off with an Xacto knife. We decided to fold the contact paper over the edge of the wooden board.

ikea hack 6

Voila! You will end up with a lovely piece of faux marble! The marble effect is a bit too dark for my liking and I’ve found lighter options from Ebay, but for now, it’ll do!

We let all of the pieces dry over night at Ciaran’s family’s house and packed it up to bring to the flat the next day…

We put all of the pieces together in our lounge, which was really easy.

Ikea Hack 4

The final product! I love the look of the nesting table, but Ciaran isn’t as big of a fan, so we are currently using the smaller table as a side table. I’ve also seen that people have jazzed theirs up a bit more with handles that can also be bought from IKEA.

ikea hack 5I am now on the quest to decorate our lovely little coffee table. Any suggestions for coffee table books or tips to decorate, let me know!

What IKEA hacks have you done? I’d love to know! If you are keen to DIY your own table – here’s a bit of inspo!

Thanks for reading x