KC BBQ Sauces

It’s no secret that one of my favourite types of food is BBQ and it’s one of the things I miss most about Kansas City. There’s something about the taste of authentic KC-style sauce that is really comforting and makes me feel a little less home sick from time to time. So, over the past few months I’ve endeavoured to seek out some quality BBQ sauces from my hometown from various places in London. I’m planning to add to this post as I discover and collect new bottles, but wanted to share it for anybody from Kansas living in London or for those who just love great BBQ!


Prairie Fire BBQ was started by Michael Gratz, a native Kansas Citian who moved to London in 2013. While he loved the burgeoning food scene in London, he missed KC’s authentic BBQ (how could you not?). He started making batches of his own sauce for family and friends and eventually started selling it at various markets in London. Thank god for all of us because this sauce is awesome.¬†Gratz modelled his sauces from some of the best BBQ joints in KC including Joe’s KC, Jack Stack and Gates.


I have known about Prairie Fire for quite some time now, but could never track it down! I was walking by The Hampstead Butcher in West Hampstead and saw it in the window one day and rushed in to buy both the original and spicy! These sauces aren’t exactly cheap – never in my life did I think I would be paying nearly $10 (¬£6.50) for a bottle of BBQ sauce, but it’s so worth it.

Other places you can buy Prairie Fire include: Wyndham House, Parsons Nose, HG Walters, Jack O’Shea’s Moen Brothers, Provenance Village, Brompton Food Market, Dugard Daughters, Kent & Sons and Allen’s of Mayfair.

I love the original sauce – it’s got a hint of spice and tastes delicious on just about anything. BBQ grilled chicken is my ultimate favourite though to make with this sauce.


We were in M&S a few weeks ago browsing the American section and came across this Stockyard BBQ sauce. Stockyard BBQ isn’t an establishment in Kansas City, but is sold at the Original Juan grocery store on Southwest Boulevard in KCK and for some odd reason has found its way on to the shelves of M&S in London. Hey, no complaints from me though because this is another fantastic sauce. It’s sweet, spicy and smoky, and exemplifies the taste that authentic KC sauce is known for. It’s super versatile and goes with just about about anything – marinades, dipping sauces, you name it.

We are going to the newly opened Bodean’s in Covent Garden over Bank Holiday weekend and planning to pick up some of their Kansas City-inspired sauce to bring home with us to add to our collection.

If anyone out there has any suggestions for where to find authentic KC BBQ sauce in London, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading x