La Pâtisserie Des Rêves – CLOSED

La Pâtisserie Des Rêves – CLOSED

Last weekend, I met up with my good friend Julia in South Kensington to catch up over coffee. There are so many cute cafés and lunch spots to choose from, and we decided on the ever-so-chic French dessert shop, La Pâtisserie Des Rêves to indulge in some treats.

IMG_6599Founded by talented and iconic pastry chef Philippe, La Pâtiserrie Des Rêves is literally the cake shop of dreams. Filled with beautiful eclairs, gateau, delicious cakes and innovative pastries, the light and airy shop displays a selection of stunning delicacies that are too good not to tuck into!





How cute are these coffee cups? Julia and I chatted all about her break back home in Lyon and upcoming plans for the summer. We decided to split a few different desserts and picked the three most famous ones to share.


I loved the Le-Paris Brest, the gorgeous flower pastry on the right. To me, it’s reminiscent of strudel – light and airy with praline cream in the middle that melts in your mouth. I also absolutely loved all of the pink accents throughout the shop -from the pink exterior to the booths and chairs inside, the pink plates and accents on the coffee mugs – it is definitely my kind of place.

IMG_6596Julia’s favourite is the Saint-Honoré, crunchy, caramel, flaky, buttery pastry with creamy Saint-Honoré cream filling.

IMG_6598The Tarte Tatin is like an elevated homemade apple pie and tastes even better. Soft apples slow cooked with cinnamon and sugar, flaky pastry and hazelnut streusel crunch. No crumb was left behind.

Utterly full of sugar, we certainly satiated our sweet tooth(s) for the day! La Pâtisserie Des Des Rêves is the ideal shop to pick up beautiful and decadent desserts for any occasion, and to stay and try a few for yourself! 🙂

La Pâtisserie Des Des Rêves

13 Exhibition Road

London, SW7 2HE