London Supperclub Review: Kebab and Roti with Guest Chef Saurav Nath at Chakra Notting Hill

I am a huge fan of supperclubs and we’re lucky to live in a city where there is an abundance of them! Supperclubs are awesome for a multitude of reasons. For one,  it’s a great opportunity to meet talented up and coming chefs and try what is usually pretty stellar food for a fraction of the price before they start working in a restaurant. Supperclubs are also pretty great because they force you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new that you wouldn’t normally go for. And in general, I find them really fun and it’s great to meet and chat with new people who share a common interest – a passion for food. Such was the case when Ciaran and I went along to a special supperclub at Chakra Notting Hill a few weeks ago. We have both been to Chakra before (which you can read about here) so we were excited to be back once again.

Chef Saurav Nath was hosting a unique Kebab & Roti dinner where he showcased his expertise in preparing these two delicious street foods. The young chef has worked at famous Indian restaurants such as Gymkhana and Benares and is now the head chef at Tapasya in Hull. With some fantastic experience under his belt, Ciaran and I were excited to dig in and try his specialty dishes.

We started off with an aperitif of cucumber and cumin – a rather interesting combination of flavours. Salty, slushy and cold, I can really only describe this drink as tasting quite healthy and refreshing, which was a welcome treat because it was one of the hottest days of the summer and we were boiling. Wine came shortly thereafter, which was more to my taste.

The amuse bouche followed shortly thereafter, which was a delicious cumin flavour green pea soup with mushroom and truffle kulcha with tangy potato kebab and mint chutney. The pea soup was fantastic – thick, creamy and full of flavour. I mopped the rest up with the mushroom and truffle kulcha, which was crispy and moreish. We were both starving and this was a fantastic way to kick off our dinner.

The second course was equally as delicious as the first – Galouti Kebab & Tikka. Melt-in-your-mouth wood pigeon on top of a warm kebab with hen’s egg, and onion pickle alongside chicken tikka.  Both the pigeon and the chicken were cooked perfectly – tender and full of flavour, though with that said I did wonder why the pigeon and the chicken were part of the same dish as I think the dish really only needed one or the other.

The third course was my absolute favourite of the evening – tandoori grilled coley fish with kasundi mustard, Coram seed & yellow chilli powder, beet & horseradish gel, wild garlic & green plum chutney, pearled barley salad & Chennai roti. I have never had coley fish before but greatly enjoyed the slightly sweet flavour. I loved the beet and horseradish gel – who knew that those two flavours would work so well together but it really elevated the dish and I found myself scraping the plate with the flakey roti just to get another taste.

By the fourth dish – I have to admit, I was well and truly full! It was quite a carb-laden dinner with the Roti – delicious, but very filling. By the time the tandoori cooked lamb shank with mixed breads came along, I thought I wouldn’t be able to take another bite, but as soon as I got a waft of the spiced lamb, I tucked right in. I wish it had been cooked just a little less as the meat was a bit tough, but the flavour was certainly all there.

And for our last course, a very unique clay oven smoked three types of melon with pineapple, summer berries, chocolate soil and bread pudding. Savoury and sweet – it was quite a refreshing dessert and a really lovely note to end our dinner on!

The Roti & Kebab Supperclub at Chakra had some really strong dishes that I personally loved – the coley fish was stunning both in presentation and in taste and I really enjoyed our starter pea soup and truffle kulcha. There are new supperclubs all the time at Chakra, so be sure to keep an eye out for the next one – you won’t want to miss it! The multi-course dinners are a bargain at just £30 and £45 with wine pairings – you can check out more info on their website and social media!