Netflix & Chill

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than ‘Netflix & Chill’ and by chill, I mean literally lazing on the couch and binge watching a really good show. The last month of work has been really stressful with a lot of long and intense hours. Sometimes, there is nothing more I look forward to than pouring a glass of wine, curling up on the couch and decompressing with a new show. There are some really good shows on Netflix that Ciaran and I have been watching lately so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites as of lately with you guys…

Schitt’s Creek 

If you want a really funny and mindless show, Schitt’s Creek is your go-to. It’s hilarious. Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara (the mom from Home Alone) and their kids go unexpectedly broke and have to move to this totally run down town called Schitt’s Creek. I watched season 1 in about two days!


A lot of my friends recommended this Ozark so I gave is a go one Sunday and was hooked. The first episode is a bit slow to start, but episode 2 onwards is awesome. Jason Bateman’s character is a financial planner who has to move his family from Chicago to Lake of the Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme goes terribly wrong. It’s a pretty dark show with a lot of unexpected twists. If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, I think you’ll really like Ozark.


Suits is pretty much my all time favourite show! I started watching season 1 in the summer, and I just finished season 7. Harvey Spector is one of the most successful corporate lawyers in Manhattan and hires a young kid, Mike Ross to be his new associate. The only issue is, Mike isn’t a real lawyer, let alone a college graduate, yet he’s super intelligent and a legal prodigy who’s really great at his job. The two have to keep the secret between them and the show unravels from there. You’ll basically want to become a lawyer by the end of the show…

Master of None 

I love anything with Aziz Ansari and thought his show, Master of None, was brilliant. Written by Aziz himself and loosely based on his own life experiences, he plays the role of a struggling actor in NYC, trying to figure out what he wants in life both personally and professionally. He goes through successes and failures, breakups and happier times. It’s a pretty relatable show that’s also really funny. Watch it, you’ll like it!

Friends from College 

This show is so stupidly funny, I laughed the entire time I watched it. A group of Harvard college friends are heading into their 40s, some have kids, others are trying to have kids and some are single and super successful, and one of the couples who used to date at Harvard end up having a secret affair. The show goes into the complicated relationships this group of friends have and how they’re trying to deal with the all the nostalgia – a feeling I think we all get sometimes. I hope it gets signed on for season 2!

A few other shows that I love on Netflix that I’d highly recommend are The Crown, all about Queen Elizabeth’s early years as Queen of England, Stranger Things, season 2 coming back around Halloween, Fuller House, a spin off of the original from when I was little (it’s super cheesy, really easy to watch), The Good Place with Kristen Bell, and Riverdale (season 2 coming back soon!)

Shows I have also been loving, not on Netflix, are Big Little Lies with Reese Witherspoon, the Mindy Project, Masterchef (USA), and the Handmaid’s Tale – all of which I highly recommend.

What have you been watching lately on Netflix? Any suggestions? Comment below and let me know!