New York City Bucket List

We’re headed to New York City on Saturday for my sister’s wedding (very exciting!) I went to high school in New Jersey and spent a lot of time going into New York City, but to be honest, I was never enthralled with it. This may partly be due to the fact I was just too young to appreciate all that it has to offer. Now that I’m 25, and have developed an appreciation for romantic restaurants in NYC with a view, good food and drink and exploring different cities, I think the tables may turn.

New York’s bar and food scene seems to now be competing with London’s, so it will be very interesting to see how the two compare. I’ve popped a few places on my go-to bucket list that I thought I’d share. One of my friends did tell us to find somewhere to go for brunch in Midtown NYC, she said there are some really nice places. We ended up going to Wallflower NYC, but I remember my friend saying places like Copinette were a good place to go to as well. Maybe we’ll try that next time. Any other suggestions of places to eat are welcome!

Wallflower NYC


I read about this West Village bar and restaurant in the Wallpaper* NYC City Guide and it caught my eye. I’m always up for going to places that span somewhere between a bar and a restaurant. Bespoke cocktails, a great sounding food menu and brunch – count me in. (Photo Credit: Thomas Schauer)

Dead Rabbit

dead rabbit

Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog was a recommendation from a friend. The ground floor Irish-American tap room and parlour offers craft beer, bottled punch, and whiskey. It’s been featured in the World’s Best Bars list, Best Cocktail menu, and Best Drink Menu. The cocktail and food menu look great and the bar itself looks pretty awesome too. (Photo Credit: Dead Rabbit)

Lombardi’s Pizza

Lombardi's Pizza

Cause ya can’t go to New York without having pizza – lots of it. NJ & NY pizza are my favourites. I’ll gladly eat pizza from anywhere in NYC, but I would love to visit Lombardi’s while we’re there – it’s been considered some of the best pizza in the US. It opened in 1897 and is one of NYC’s oldest pizzerias. (Photo Credit: Lombardi’s Pizza)

Katz Deli

I saw Katz Deli on an episode of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives a few years ago and never really forgot about it. It’s a Jewish Deli best known for their stacked pastrami sandwiches – yum.


Like pizza, NY & NJ Bagels are my all time favourite. The water that is used to make the dough is different from anywhere else in the world. I can’t wait to have a NJ breakfast sandwich with taylor ham, egg and cheese. It’ll cure any hangover – they are so good.

Aside from eating and drinking our way through the first half of our trip, I would also love to walk along the High Line, go to a jazz club – hopefully one of these recommended by Grand Life Hotels, do a little shopping, venture over to Brooklyn and visit a few museums.

I’ll be posting about my trip on Instagram and Twitter (@Cocomonaghan), so be sure to follow along. If my posts are able to encourage or persuade at least one person to visit New York City at some point in the near future, then you could say that I’ve done my job. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a few extra instagram followers along the way, does it? The more followers that my account has, the more likely people are to see my posts about New York, and this is all I’ve ever wanted; to share my experiences with people from around the world. So, have a look at my posts and hit that follow button if you want to see more. If anyone has any other great places to go or things to see, please comment below.

Thanks for reading x