NFL UK – International Series

Last Sunday, Ciaran and I headed to Wembley Stadium to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs as they blitzed the Detroit Lions in the NFL International Series. When I found out the Chiefs were coming to London this time last year, I was super excited that I’d get to see my hometown team play over here. One of the things I miss most about KC is football season – so it was really great to experience a game day out here!

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chiefs game

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I was beaming the whole day – it was really fun talking with other Chiefs fans and meeting people who had flown across the pond from KC just for the game. I was really excited when I saw that Visit KC had a booth at Wembley too!


I got a chance to have a quick chat with Derek from VisitKC – I worked with him on KC Restaurant Week for a little while last year before I moved to London. It was really nice to see a familiar face and I was really happy they got to come over for the game.







After ‘tailgating’ a bit at Wembley – we headed over to a pub nearby for the official Arrowheads Abroad tailgate. There were fans from all over the world and of course from Kansas City – many of them were expats, die hard fans who aren’t even from the US and of course fans that flew over just for the game. It was a surreal feeling being in a London pub with tons of other fans – it felt as if I were back in the US. There was a great sense of community and team spirit and I really enjoyed talking to other Kansas Citians about home. We grabbed some hot dogs and a few more beers before heading back to Wembley for kick off.







And it was a winning day for the Kansas City Chiefs! 45 to 10 – the Chiefs completely dominated the Lions. We celebrated the blow out back at the pub with the rest of the Chiefs fans and fellow my friend and fellow Jayhawk, Megan and Melissa, all the way over from Abu Dhabi sans KC. We had quite a few celebratory pints before catching the last train home. It was a day that’ll go down in the books as one of the best yet in London and I’m happy Ciaran got to experience his first NFL game.I’m excited to see what’s in store for NFL UK in the next few years and hope the Chiefs play across the pond again too! #KingdomsUnite