Our Wedding Invitations

Our wedding was so memorable for so many reasons, and the planning was a lot easier than I expected it to be after reading about other peoples’ experiences! That is largely down to the company we used for our Party Rentals in Houston, TX who were able to provide almost everything we needed in one fell swoop! We contributed a lot ourselves rather than relying on a wedding planner as we wanted more control. When it came to inspiration for our wedding invitations and save the dates, I looked to Pinterest, wedding magazines and wedding blogs. I wanted something a bit more unique and we knew the only way to get what we really wanted, was to design everything ourselves and I am so pleased that we did in the end.

We sent out save-the-dates out at the end of 2016 and I wanted something more than just a simple piece of paper with the date on it. We both wanted to send something a little bit quirky but elegant at the same time. I came across an idea for coaster save-the-dates on Pinterest and we both loved the look of them so much that we began planning out how we could make our vision come to life.

After spending quite some time scouring the internet for graphic designers, we decided that we could do it all ourselves in Photoshop and In-Design. As our wedding is on the Isle of Wight, I wanted the design to by slightly nautical (hence the crab) and I really like the colour combination of pink and blue. It took us a while to get our design just right but I think they tuned out great.

For the actual printing of the coasters, we found a brilliant letter press company in Manchester called Chris P Printers. The printing itself was surprisingly affordable compared to other letter press companies we looked at. We sent them our design and colour choices and they created two metal plates to print with, which they sent to us along with the final product. A nice little keepsake for us both to have. I absolutely love how they turned out and I liked the idea of people being able to use them or at least have them out on their coffee tables or nightstands.

When it came time to design our wedding invitations, we both agreed to do the same as we had with the save-the-dates and create them ourselves, knowing that we would have a one-of-a-kind and very unique final product. I had come across quite a few invitations on Pinterest with venue sketches and loved the look of them.

We found a shop on Etsy that specialises in venue sketches and hired her to create one of our wedding venue, Osborne House. She did a brilliant job and it was such a quick turn-around time! She sent us the black and white sketch and I thought it looked great, but I wanted our invitations to be really vibrant and pop. One of Ciaran’s colleagues very kindly offered to watercolour paint the venue for us and I nearly cried with happiness over the final product. They looked stunning, and I made a mental note right then to recreate the picture, for this gave me a reason to finally make some use out of the 5d diamond painting kits I’d purchased last week at the fair.

For the fonts, I wanted a mix of elegant cursive and simple sans-serif typefaces. We bought both fonts from Creativevmarket.com and used the Marisa script and the Denver sans-serif font. When it came to what to put on the actual invitation, we didn’t want anything too formal. This is a completely personal preference and totally depends on how formal you want your wedding to be. You can look on sites like https://www.fontspace.com/category/handwriting for good examples though! We didn’t want it to be too word-y and kept it really simple and fun.

I had seen a few other RSVP cards on Pinterest that used “I will dance if you play” at the bottom, which I thought was really cute and fun, so we incorporated that on them. We also included a “Little Details” card that has all essential information from how to get to our wedding to accommodation options. In addition to the little details card, we created a wedding website through The Knot, with further information for our guests.

When it came time to print our invitation suites, we looked at several different options but actually ended up just using Vista Print! I was a bit skeptical initially as I was worried the quality of the paper wouldn’t turn out I nicely as I hoped, but I was totally wrong. Vista Print make it really easy for you to pick your own size paper with a variety of different finishes – we went for a luxe linen. They printed within two days and it was incredibly cost-effective.

It took us ages to find envelopes that would fit the dimensions of our invites and look elegant. After quite a few weeks of searching, we came across Ideal Envelopes – obviously goes without saying, they were ideal!

I bundled up our invitations, little details card, RSVP card and return envelope with a simple piece of twine from Hobby Craft and think that it all came out looking beautiful. For our envelopes, we had names and addresses specially printed in the same script as our invitations and did the same for the return envelope. We popped stamps on the return envelope as well to make it easy for our guests to send them back to us without the hassle of having to go to the post office.

To seal the envelopes, we ordered a custom-made wax stamp with our initials on it and used gold wax on the seals. I love how this turned out and I think it added a personal touch.

I am so glad that we ended up designing our own invitations and I personally like having a one-of-a-kind product to keep forever. I would also say that it was a more cost-effective than having someone else design them + printing, etc. If you have any questions at all about designing invitations or just need advice for where to start, shoot me an email at colleen@blondeacrossthepond.com

Happy wedding planning!