Packing Guide: The Maldives

You’ve booked your trip to the Maldives and bursting with excitement to relax for a week or two in paradise. When it comes to packing for your trip, you may be wondering what to bring? I’ve created the ultimate list filled with all the essentials you’ll need to make the the most of island life!

Maldives Packing Guide

Sunscreen: My biggest piece of packing advice for the Maldives, is to bring plenty of sunscreen! Our biggest regret was not bringing any and we ended up spending almost $100 on sunscreen and aloe vera. It is very expensive to buy at the resorts – costing upwards of $35 for a single bottle! We didn’t bring any checked luggage, but I would recommend it just to pack plenty of sunscreen and aloe vera. The other option is if you want to stick with carry on, stock up at duty free. Wear sunscreen every. single. day and reapply it often. I made the mistake of thinking that I was invincible to the sun as I don’t normally burn but I was sorely mistaken and ended up getting super sun burnt and had to go to the clinic on the beach to get antibiotics!

Sunglasses: The sun is BRIGHT so be sure to bring a pair or two of shades. Mine are called ‘halfmoon magic’ by Le Spec. Ciaran loves his Ray Bay aviators.

Bathing Suits: I brought along five bathing suits – a single one piece and four bikinis and ended up wearing three the majority of the time. I wore the flamingo one piece pictures above the most because it was super comfy and the best to wear when snorkelling. I would switch it out for a plain black bikini and a cute white one with colourful tassels from Accessorize.

Coverups: Bring two-three bathing suit coverups to wear for breakfast and lunch. The resorts do ask that guests cover up in the restaurants and they’ll come in handy for that.

Maxi Dresses/Sundresses: I packed a dress for every single evening of our trip (10 nights total). I had a mix of maxi dresses and sundresses that I wore depending on the feel of the evening. I had a lot of luck on ASOS when I was looking for cute dresses to bring along. On dressier evenings, I would recommend a maxi dress with a nice pair of sandals and for more casual dinners, a sun dress is perfect. I will say that I did overpack, and would recommend five to six dresses in total that you can re-wear. If you’re currently in search of fashionable clothing for your next vacation, the resort wear for women collections from Hermoza should be something on your radar.

Shorts/Tops: I packed one pair of shorts and a nice top – this is ideal if you are going on any day excursions like island hopping or sunset fishing.

Sandals: Pack one pair of sandals – you won’t wear them often! A lot of the restaurants encourage you to go barefoot! I also brought a pair of wedges, but wore them one evening and never bought them back out again.

Sunhat: Bring a really cute sunhat! I got mine from Dorothy Perkins but ASOS have loads too. I ended up wearing mine when my face got sunburnt and it really protected me from the sun.

Go Pro: My mom got us a Go Pro waterproof Session camera and we loved it! We used it every single day to capture fish when snorkelling and got some great footage – video coming soon! There are so many beautiful fish and sea turtles in the Maldives that I would definitely recommend buying one if you can to capture it all. Ciaran got an amazing video of a reef shark swimming past him.

Camera: You’ll want to capture the beautiful surroundings of the Maldives and have some great pictures to look back on of course! I brought my Nikon D3100 but I rented an Olympus Pen EL-7 over the weekend and loved it! I think it would make a fantastic travel camera as it’s super lightweight and takes tack sharp photos.

Beach Bag: Bring a nice sized beach bag that can fit all the essentials – beach towels, phones, cameras, books and water bottles. I got a large one from Zara for a bargain £7 on sale.

Books: Bring some good beach reads!

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