Panoramic Paris Views at Terrass Hotel

As I’m sitting here writing this post, I can’t believe it was a month ago that we ventured to Paris for my 26th birthday and our anniversary. It was the first time Ciaran and I had ever been to the beautiful city and it was truly one of the best weekends of my life. Without a worry in the world, we traipsed around the City of Lights and fell head over heels in love with all its charms.

I have a lot to share from Paris, but I wanted to kick off the series of posts with my favourite day we spent there – my actual birthday. We headed to Montmartre, a hillside area in the 18th Arrondissement with sweeping views of Paris. This area is home to the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur, a stunning Roman Catholic Church with some of the best views of the city.


_r015755We marvelled at the sheer beauty and vastness of the city before walking around the rest of Montmartre. Parts of the area are packed with tourists, but if you venture down the charming back streets, you will really enjoy this quaint area, which is bustling with art galleries, cafes, restaurants and bars.



_r015762It’s not hard to fall in love with this city. Everywhere we went was even more picturesque than the last. I loved walking around and soaking in just how charming it all was. We popped into an art gallery that caught our eye and the woman working there showed us a unique cartoon-esque painting of the Eiffel Tower, which she explained was painted somewhere nearby. We made it our mission to find that exact area where the artist had painted the picture, as we knew wherever it was, would show us the best view of Paris. So we set out walking, and although we sadly didn’t find the exact spot where the painting was created, we stumbled across something a bit better…

_r015855As we were walking around, we looked up and noticed some yellow umbrellas coming from what looked like a rooftop bar. A little more walking, we finally discovered this hidden gem called Terrass Hotel, a beautiful hotel located at the entrance of the hill in Montmartre with an awesome rooftop bar! We headed up to the 7th floor and fell in love with with the view…

_r015795Does it really get any better than that? I’m a sucker for a phenomenal view and Ciaran and I always seem to find some great ones wherever we go.

_r015771The rooftop bar is super cute and features a back garden with a little bar and umbrellas to take a respite from the sun. I, however, opted to sit in the sun, which offered the best views possible. We were both shocked that this rooftop oasis wasn’t busier and both agreed that if a bar like this were in London, it would be jam-packed with people. We definitely relished how quiet and relaxing the setting was though!


_r015784We shared a crisp bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and toasted to Paris. It couldn’t have been a more perfect setting to celebrate.


_r015790We planned on only staying for a couple drinks, but we were enjoying ourselves so much that we decided to grab another bottle, some tapas to share and watch the sun set over the Eiffel Tower.






_r015833There is nothing more beautiful or romantic than watching the sun set, followed by the Eiffel Tower lighting up the skyline with the person you love. I’ll never forget how wonderful this evening was. It was the best birthday to date and so special to me. After taking in the views, we capped off our evening with a walk down to Moulin Rouge, which isn’t too far away from Montmartre.

_r015860It was lovely to see Moulin Rouge, but the area around there is quite seedy at night. We walked onwards over to the Eiffel Tower for one last look at the sparkly lights before heading back to our hotel.

_r015870Paris je t’aime!

What are your favourite rooftop restaurants/bars in Paris? I’d love to add them to my list for our next trip.