Real Texas BBQ at Texas Joe’s

Texas Joe’s BBQ opened in Bermondsey on 4th of July – American Independence Day – and I had been keen to try it ever since. Regular readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of BBQ and ever since I moved to London nearly two years ago, I’ve been on the hunt for the city’s best and most authentic American BBQ. Well, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Texas Joe’s does it all right.


img_9207Texas Joe’s is owned by native Texan Joe Walters from Dallas, who carved out a name for himself a few years ago when he was a contestant on Dragon’s Den and won an investment for his awesome beef jerky, which is now sold in every major grocery store in the UK.

img_9232What I really love about Texas Joe’s Slow Smoked Meats is that it’s all about the authenticity of the BBQ. Admittedly, we have tried some pretty poor BBQ restaurants in London that just haven’t made the cut. Similar to Kansas, life in Texas is all about the BBQ and Joe has really brought that pride to the Big Smoke.

img_9192The menu is cleverly printed on a vintage Texan newspaper and features signature dishes from pork shoulder, USDA beef brisket and beef prime rib to mutton, chicken and an array of sides such as chicken wings, brisket nachos and Frito pie (yes, FRITO pie).

img_9198We kicked off our lunch with some cornbread sprinkled with jalapeño peppers and topped with butter. Spicy, sweet and buttery, Joe’s cornbread is the perfect accompaniment to the smokey meat to come.

img_9195We ordered the signature brisket, one of my favourites, and it was fantastic. Smoked low and slow in a mighty smoker, fuelled by age oak from London Log Co, this brisket was smokey, tender, juicy, melt-in-your mouth good.

img_9201We also ordered a side of sweet potato fries, which tasted great in the homemade BBQ sauce.

img_9203Our only wish was that they featured burnt ends on the menu, flavourful, smokey pieces of meat cut from the point half of a smoked brisket. However, we did ask if they had any and they happily brought out the end of the brisket for us, which was divine. Crispy on the outside with a black peppercorn crust and tender and smokey on the inside, these weren’t your average morsels, but slabs of incredible meat that they should definitely consider adding to the menu.

img_9212I loved the interior of the restaurant as well, which pays homage to Texas, featuring TX longhorns, the state flag, and cowboy artwork. There is an rustic southern vibe and it reminded me of a lot of BBQ restaurants you’d find in Kansas. No gimmicky decor here, just a real Texan pride that shines through in both the food and the interiors.



img_9216After you’re done eating, be sure to check out the Honky Tonk bar next door, which features an array of award-winning bourbons, an awesome selection of US and UK craft beers and of course, Lone Star lagers. There’s even an old-school juke box where you can pick any American tunes you like. Pull up a bar stool, put some money in the jukebox, grab a bourbon and enjoy.




img_9227Overall, I really loved Texas Joe’s BBQ. I thought the brisket was outstanding, service was great and the USA pride really shows through. There’s no gimmicks, just all around, awesome food. For a real taste of Texas, pop Texas Joe’s on your foodie bucket list – you won’t regret it.

What are some of your favourite BBQ spots in London?

Texas Joe’s | 8-9 Snowsfields | London | SE1 3SU