Red Dog Saloon South|KC BBQ Series

We recently moved to Clapham and I was really excited that there was a Kansas City-style BBQ restaurant a few blocks away from our flat. KC is well-known for its incredible BBQ and it’s one of the things I miss most from home, so I was really looking forward to trying out Red Dog South.



The interior is styled very much like any American restaurant you’ll find in the midwest, but for a place that specialises in Kansas City BBQ, there really wasn’t any homage to the city itself on the walls, which I found quite surprising. Instead, the walls were adorned with scenes from what looked like the California Gold Rush and Arkansas Razorbacks signage.


Red Dog Saloon has its own Kansas City-style BBQ sauce as well as a North Carolina sauce.


The KC BBQ sauce was a lot more thick and did taste nice on our food,  however, I was hoping it would be a bit more tangy and sweet with notes of honey, smoke and spices, which is how authentic KC-style BBQ sauce typically tastes.


The Fried Catfish starter with remoulade sauce sounded delicious. Catfish is not something native to KC and is more prominent down south. It was nice and crispy, but could have done with some Cajun seasoning or a BBQ spice mix perhaps. The remoulade was tangy and added a lot of much needed flavour to the dish.


Ciaran and I ordered a Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Brisket with melted provolone topped with onion rings, an ode to the famous Joe’s Kansas City Z-Man sandwich. Each sandwich is said to be cooked in the smoker low and slow for 16 hours. The Pulled Pork was not as tender, nor as smokey as I was anticipating. With that said, it was a decent sandwich and I liked the coleslaw on the side.

EDITEDI was really looking forward to trying the Brisket Sandwich, as it’s one of my favourite BBQ dishes, but we were quickly disappointed to find large pieces of fat throughout the meat, that unfortunately, made the sandwich both unappetising and inedible. We asked if they were able to bring out another one and the second sandwich was much better than the first, which we appreciated. The brisket itself, again, was not as tender as it should have been, given it was smoked for 16 hours, and there wasn’t enough of the traditional smokey flavour that BBQ dishes should have.


I was quite intrigued by the Burnt End Pie – burnt ends in the form of a Shepherd’s Pie. It was admittedly odd to have burnt ends within a mash potato pie, but it was refreshingly delicious. The burnt ends were tender and juicy and the sauce inside was delicious. It was easily the best dish of our dinner and Ciaran couldn’t stop raving about it. It’s not a typical side you’ll find in Kansas City, but it did bring together traditionally Kansas and English elements, which worked really well together.

I really wanted to fall in love with Red Dog South, as there would have been nothing better than to have a taste of home on my doorstep, however, it didn’t satisfy my BBQ itch.

What are some of your favourite BBQ restaurants in London? I’d love any suggestions!

Thanks for reading x