The Côtes du Rhône Touch Exhibition

Last night, Ciaran and I headed over to the Côtes du Rhône Wines summer festival of art, food and drink in the heart of King’s Cross. It was a beautiful summer evening and the King’s Cross area was alive with music and people eating and drinking outside, making for a really fun vibe. When we got to the festival, we were certainly in for a lovely wine surprise.

cote du rhonesThe Rhône Touch is an immersive wine-inspired art exhibition, where we had the chance to sample more than 60 red, white and rosés from the Rhône region in France as well as gaze at some incredibly impressive works of art created by the students from UAL.



_R015005Everybody mingled and compared tasting notes of the wines that we had been sampling. I tried this exceptional red wine called SM,NM, based on wine expert, Douglas Bylde’s, advice. It is made with grapes from the North and South of the Meridian. It’s 50% Syrah and 50% Grenache. Grenache is an unlikely hero of grape and until recently it had been ignored by much of the world. It’s the grape that is responsible for many celebrated reds and is grown in the South of France. The combination of Syrah and Grenache make the SM & NM wine one of the best and unique in the in the Côtes Du Rhône arsenal. If you come across it, I highly recommend buying a bottle as it has medium body and it very delicious to drink. I love coming to events like this as you can discover some brand new wines you would have never thought to try! Anyways, on to the very interesting wine art.



_R014973This piece of art was very special in that when you hovered your hand over the bottles, each produced the sound of a popping cork that came through the speaker. Everybody was having fun trying to create a tune out of hovering over the bottles.


_R014933This piece of art was by far my favourite. You placed your wine glass on a sensor, which swirled your glass around (as you would after pouring a glass of wine) and as the glass spun, the lanterns changed colour to reflect the colours of your wine. It was incredible and super innovative. What’s even more interesting is that the artist said he had created it all in less than two months! He laser cut the box out of plywood and had to wire the lanterns together for it to all work. There is some serious talent there. I think something as innovative as this could be seen in a major art gallery one day – it was definitely a sight to see!

_R014958One student had recreated stomping on grapes in a vineyard with silicone balls that lit up as you stepped on them, which was quite interesting. I’d love to do traditional grape stomping at a vineyard one day!

All of the wine-inspired art was really spectacular and the students had to submit their ideas to Côtes du Rhône, who then chose a handful of the best submissions to exhibit. They were challenged to bring to life the unique aspects of the Rhône region’s high quality and enjoyable wine in an immersive way. I am no expert in the world of art, however, I did think there was some genuine talent there and I really enjoyed experiencing all of it. If you love wine, then you’ll love this exhibition.

Some delicious tasting dishes were floating around the room as we came out of the exhibition, made by award-winning British chef, Adam Rawson, who previously worked at Pachamama, White Rabbit and burger bar Lucky Chip.



_R015011The stars that stole the show were these delicious 60 day aged beef txulton burger sliders. They were so juicy, tender and full of flavour, everybody was running outside to grab one. Topped with crunchy onions and cheese, nobody could get enough of how amazing they tasted. We grabbed three and enjoyed them outside in the sun before finishing our wine and heading on home.

_R014999It’s not often that fantastic wine, great food and immersive art all come together in one space, and if you are a fan of all three, then I highly recommend checking out the Rhône Touch Event, which is taking place in the Platform Theatre Foyer and Bar until the 31st of July. It’s the ideal event to enjoy a glass of wine, sample some new ones and immerse yourself in some incredible works of art. It’s definitely one of the more unique events in the capital at the moment, so head on down and check it out for yourself over the next couple weeks!

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