Rolls & Bowls Breakfast at Foley’s

Foley’s is a cute Middle Eastern restaurant in Fitzrovia that has just introduced an awesome breakfast into their lunch and dinner mix. They were hosting a 50% off food soft launch offer and the girls at work and I decided to give it a go one Friday morning before work. Truth be told, I am not a morning person but I have to say it was a lot easier to roll out of bed when I was looking so forward to a delicious breakfast!

The breakfast menu is pretty simple and features lovely Middle Eastern and Asian inspired dishes that are ideal to start your day off! ‘Rolls & Bowls’ is the theme of the breakfast menu at Foley’s and includes two main sections – Mitz’s Paratha Rolls (delicious) and an array of vibrant egg bowls for a protein boost. We kicked off our morning with a round of much needed coffees – almond milk lattes all around.

Followed by an avocado paratha roll to share between us –  it was so good, I wish I had ordered my own. The fresh and flakey parathas are made in-house everyday. This one in particular is wrapped around a fried egg with avocado, feta, chilli, tomato and a squeeze of lime. We dipped ours in the sumptuous chive aioli that added a little something extra to the dish. I’ve never had anything wrapped up in a paratha like that before and it’s safe to say it was love at first bite. I loved it – I’d go back for these Paratha Rolls alone!

We each ordered a different Egg Bowl from the menu and decided to try each other’s. They each come with two poached eggs and sourdough toast. All the options sound incredible, it’s hard to choose one but then again, it just means you have the perfect excuse to go back and enjoy the others.

A colourful selection of delectable bowls were plonked on the table and we dug right in (after taking a few snapshots of course). We went for an Avocado bowl with feta, chilli, tomato and lime bowl, Smoked salmon with cream cheese, watercress, chives and dill bowl, a decadent Mushroom, truffle cheddar and parmesan bowl and a Shakshuka Pepper bowl with crispy shallots.

The Salmon Bowl could have done without as much cream cheese, but other than that tasted great – poached eggs and salmon is a pretty classic combo that never fails.

We could smell the fragrant truffles from the Mushroom bowl and the combination of the cheddar and parmesan with the eggs and truffle was divine. A heavy dish but oh so perfect to chow down on after a night out. It’ll definitely revive you.

The Shakshuka peppers with crispy shallots also tasted lovely with a creamy tomato sauce that has a bit of heat.

And my classic combo of Avocado, feta and chilli with a squeeze of lime had me licking the bowl and wanting more. My only complaint was that the yolk was hard in the middle and not runny, but it didn’t make or break the dish. I thought it tasted superb –  I just wish my breakfast could taste this good every morning.

Overall, I really enjoyed the breakfast at Foley’s. It’s super reasonable and a great spot to meet up with friends for a quick bite to eat before work or for an early morning business meeting. It’s a really cute restaurant too and the service was lovely. Would I go back? Absolutely! Although next time, I am going to head back to try their dinner – I have heard nothing but wonderful things 🙂

Do you like Foley’s? What are some of your favourite breakfast spots in London?

Foleys, 23 Foley St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 6DU