SHOT Launches in St. Paul’s

A new healthy food concept called S.H.O.T. – Simple, Healthy, Organic Tasty – has just opened up in St. Paul’s and it’s pretty incredible. SHOT specialises in a range of cold press juices, super food smoothies, a delicious food menu and best of all, a delectable selection of homemade chocolate bars that to me, are even better than actual candy bars. The menu at SHOT is absolutely free of chemicals and refined sugars, and is 100% organic and unprocessed. As someone who admittedly isn’t the best eater on the planet (hello PB&J’s for lunch), I was blown away at how great the food tasted for being so nourishing and clean. If only all healthful food tasted this good…



SHOT is bright and airy, with white tiled tables and counters, colourful neon signs and thriving chilli plants decorating the table. It’s the ideal lunch spot to grab and go or enjoy a quick bite to eat inside.

Their special homemade chocolate bars were lining the table when I first walked in on the night of the launch, so naturally a made a B-line to try them all. Inspired by Mars Bars, Snickers and Bounty Bars, SHOT’s versions are filled with more beneficial ingredients, including dates, cashews, raw chocolate and cacao to name a few.



These ganache oat bars were absolutely dreamy, and the Ma’s Bars were out of this world. Gooey, melt in your mouth, delicious. Everybody at the launch wanted to take a few of them home to enjoy later (myself included).



I’ll take the whole platter of these Lime & Ginger Cake slices, please.


SHOT makes a selection of cold press juices that fill you up and give you an energy boost. Options include: Apple, Cucumber and Cayenne, Beetroot Apple and Carrot, Carrot, Apple and Ginger and Pear, Kale and Cucumber. The Apple, Cucumber and Cayenne is my personal favourite and has a real kick.


Beauty smoothie, anyone? SHOT has a range of low-cal super food smoothies packed with fruit and nourishing ingredients.

SHOT-14Let’s talk about the food – All of the dishes are incredibly flavoursome. I have found that a lot of healthier dishes elsewhere lack in flavour and can be disappointing. SHOTs dishes are happily the opposite. Highlights include Spicy Chicken Pho with homemade bone broth and sous vide chicken, Baked Fish Cake, and a Thai Fish Curry. My favorite out of those is definitely the Pho, simply because the way they cook the chicken made it so juicy and filled with flavor that it was unreal! I hadn’t heard of the sous vide method of cooking before and now I’m looking for the best sous vide cooker so I can give it a go at home. I can certainly see how this method allows the meat to keep all the flavor so I expect to see more places to be using it in the future. Other menu items include a selection of salads, sandwiches and wraps and hot dishes. It’s really hard for me to pin point a favourite, as I thought all of them were stunning both in presentation and in taste.





If you’re on the quest to be healthier or if you’re already a self proclaimed health nut, SHOT is an awesome-go-to lunch spot for clean, chemical free, organic and unprocessed food that is astonishingly delicious. If you’re like me and love colourful and flavourful dishes that are balanced, nourishing and substantial, then pop SHOT on your bucket list and check it out soon.


23/23A Bride Lane

St. Paul’s, EC4Y 8DT

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