The Artisan Bistro – A New Neighbourhood Favourite

It was a gorgeous Saturday when Ciaran and I ventured over to Chelsea for lunch at the delightful Artisan Bistro. It’s a charming little hang out for brunch, lunch or dinner and is a lovely walk from Earl’s Court Station.

_R016062From the moment you walk in to this great little Bistro, you will be whisked away to a lovely window table or even better, the garden tucked away in the back where they grow their own produce that is used in many of their recipes. The interior is bright and features beautiful artwork, a quaint bar area and a private alcove that is ideal for group dinners. There is definitely a West Village, NYC vibe that we absolutely loved. 








_R015969Seeing as it was a beautiful sunny day, we took a seat outside in the back garden and soaked up the sunshine as much as we could, along with a lovely bottle of crisp Sauvignon Blanc and warm, freshly baked bread and olive oil. We spoke with the owner a bit about the concept of The Artisan Bistro, which features Mediterranean cuisine with an American-inspired twist. The menu is incredible and includes hits such as lobster mac ‘n cheese, sirloin steak, burgers, fresh fish, etc. – there is something delicious that will take everyone’s fancy. As we looked over the menu, we decided it was best to leave it up to the owner to surprise us. Each dish sounded delectable, so we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed.

_R015979To start off, we indulged in Padron Peppers and grilled pineapple – the ideal salty and sweet combination.

_R015973Absolutely incredible grilled prawns in a squid ink polenta – which we both agreed was outstanding.

_R016010And the creme de la creme of aubergine – crisped to perfection with a soy bean caramel glaze. Hands down, this is one of the best dishes I’ve ever had. I normally would have never ordered aubergine as a starter, but I am so glad that we had an the opportunity to try this stunning dish and I can’t recommend it enough.

_R015991Next up were the dreamy Shetland Mussels – steamed with garlic, shallots and white wine. The owner told us that in all of his travels, he thinks that mussels from England are the best of the best – and I have to agree. These were delicious and even made Ciaran, who never liked mussels before, a big fan.


_R016016All of the dishes were absolutely outstanding, but this lobster mac n’cheese hit it it out the park. Served with a shot of prosecco on the side, this dish was perfectly cheesy, creamy and had just the right amount of lobster. Not too much or too little, simply perfect. Mac ‘n Cheese has become a really popular dish in London, which has always been a bit odd to me being from the US. I grew up eating Kraft mac ‘n cheese at home, so I normally avoid ordering it over here as a main dish. I sure am glad though that we got to try this gem. It is comfort food at its finest. Give it a go, indulge – you won’t have any regrets. I promise.

We took a respite for a while and enjoyed a refreshing glass of rosé whilst we raved about each and every dish we just had. It started to sprinkle a bit outside (that’s London for you!) so we moved inside for dessert.

_R016025Ciaran and I both have sweet tooths from time to time, so we had to indulge in a couple different desserts to balance out the savoury dishes we had just enjoyed.  This mini chocolate souffle with raspberry ice cream hit the spot. Souffle is typically quite difficult to master, but The Artisan Bistro nailed it.

_R016020And my summertime favourite – rhubarb crumble with raspberry cream. Admittedly, I stole this one for myself and enjoyed every last bite. The rhubarb was fresh and the crumble was buttery and perfectly balanced out by the refreshing raspberry cream. It was a blissful way to end our stellar lunch.

If you are in the Chelsea neighbourhood, live in London, or are even visiting the city, I can’t recommend this awesome neighbourhood hangout enough. It quickly became one of our favourites and we can’t wait to head back! The service, ambiance and food are impeccable. For a great date or catch up with friends, make the Artisan Bistro your next go-to!

The Artisan Bistro | 14 Hollywood Rd | Chelsea | SW10 9HY | Book Now

We were guests of The Artisan Bistro, but all views and opinions are always my own (and it was great!)