The Best Pho & Buns in London

If you’re a fan of the Bao craze that has swept over London, then keep reading for a hidden gem I’ve recently discovered in Central London…

Pho & Bun is a quirky little Vietnamese restaurant located on Shaftesbury Avenue right next to Soho and China Town. It’s an off-shoot of the wildly successful Viet Eat in Holborn and as it’s name suggests, serves up incredible Pho and mouthwatering buns.

The interior of Pho & Bun is cosy, with tables primarily for two and a bar area towards the back. There is colourful artwork adorning the exposed brick wall, which really transports you to the heart of a Vietnamese marketplace. There is a fantastic downstairs dining area with private grottos ideal for intimate gatherings with friends or family. 

The menu is filled with Wraps & Rolls, Rice & Vermicelli, Small Bites and of course, the legendary Pho & Bun. 

Order a few small plates to share between two, like the crispy Chilli Salt & Pepper Squid or the Prawn & Veggie Spring Rolls with Mango Salad. Two delicious dishes that will set the stage for even more goodness about to come…

The buns at Pho & Bun are truly something special. They are bigger than the average bao you’ll find elsewhere and absolutely delicious. the BBQ Honey Pork Belly with fried shallot, apple and chilli mayo is the bao of dreams. Filled to the brim with delicious tender pork belly and slathered in a delectably sweet sauce, it’s pure bliss in the form of a pillowy, decadent bun.

Lizz ordered the Crispy Tiger Prawn with pineapple, house pickle and wasabi mayo. She said it was one of the best things she’s ever eaten, and at the bargain price of £2.95, you really can’t beat it.

If something warm and hearty is more your speed, try out the legendary Pho. The traditional Vietnamese dish is healthy and flavoursome and is a great winter warmer on a chilly London night. Try out the Tender Beef Pho, packed with flavour and herbs. If you’re a vegetarian, Pho & Bun have a Crispy Tofu noodle option too.

For London’s best buns and warming Pho, head to Pho & Bun on Shaftesbury Avenue!

Pho & Bun | 76 Shaftesbury Avenue | London | W1D 6ND