Unforgettable Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester

There are some occasions in life that are so special you will never forget them. Afternoon tea at the utterly beautiful Dorchester Hotel in London is one of those unforgettable experiences I’ll look back on for years to come. When my dear friend Lauren asked me to join her for the special Chocolate Indulgence Afternoon Tea, I was super excited for us to experience it.

DC Moments 28The Chocolate Indulgence Afternoon Tea is served on The Balcony, which is a beautiful and bright area that sits above the grand entrance of the hotel. We made our way upstairs and were met with the sweet fragrance of delectable chocolate sat upon a gorgeous trolley as we reached the top.

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DC Moments 25After taking a few moments to marvel at the chocolate morsels from all over the globe, we took our seats where we met the fantastic Arthur, afternoon tea expert and chocolate connoisseur. He very kindly poured us two glasses of crisp champagne and walked us through the very unique tea experience we were about to have.

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Dorchester Afternoon Tea-5We toasted to good friendship and carried on chattering whilst Arthur proceeded to bring out some lovely savoury treats to start off our tea with. The Dorchester is home to Alain Ducasse’s three Michelin starred restaurant and is also known for having some of the most renowned restaurants in the world. When our first course came out, we were stunned at the beautiful presentation of each delicacy.
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DC Moments 23Truth be told, I am a bigger savoury fan that sweet when it comes to Afternoon Tea and the sandwich selection we were presented with was filled with twists on British classics such as Coronation Chicken served on brioche with raisin and coriander cress,  Smoked Duck with pickled carrot and truffle emulsion and Smoked Salmon with peashoots on fresh pumpernickel bread.

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DC Moments 20As we enjoyed our delicious sandwiches, Arthur popped over and topped us both up with some more bubbles whilst we chatted about Lauren’s impending trip to Spain and some of my wedding plans. Whenever Lauren and I are together, we always find that we have good reason to celebrate and what better way to do so than with champagne and chocolate?

DC Moments 18Arthur presented us with a selection of decadent treats, including this Cacao Nib that was crisp on the outside, filled with chocolate ganache, one of my favourites of the day.

DC Moments 17I deemed the sharing desserts almost too pretty to eat, but within minutes we both got stuck in. These were the ultimate luxurious desserts, topped with gold leaves. Pure decadence. Luckily these were to share as we were about to embark on the the most interesting part of the tea, the hot coco experience. We had a bit of a palate cleanser in between, which was a nice way to break up our chocolate courses. 

DC Moments 4A gorgeous iced lemon posset was a refreshing treat to enjoy before the chocolate indulgence ensued.

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Arthur wheeled over the elegant chocolate trolley over to our table and explained the origins of each chocolate, all of which are ethically sourced from different parts of the world. The trolley featured every type of chocolate one could dream of from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch, caramel, the list goes on and on. Needless to say, it’s a chocoholics idea of heaven.

DC Moments 7We began with the Dulcey, a light chocolate that tastes similar to caramel.

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DC Moments 12Arthur lit up the flame and began warming the chocolate in the vintage copper pots.

DC Moments 12The chocolate melted in a mere matter of minutes and a buttery, caramel scent flowed around the room. Arthur stirred the chocolate and added in milk to thicken it up. He explained to us how to make the ideal cup of cocoa and that the right balance of milk and water is key.

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DC Moments 8There is nothing better than fresh hot chocolate and I’ve yet to try any better than at The Dorchester.

DC Moments 14Our second cup of hot chocolate was made with the Alto El Sol from South America. This chocolate is more on the bitter side than its Dulcey counterpart but still absolutely delectable.

DC Moments 6We sipped on our incredible hot chocolate and savoured every drop until in a mere matter moments we had finished both cups off. I’ll definitely be remembering Arthur’s tips for cocoa in the winter! Now, we both thought that our afternoon tea had come to an end, but no British tea would be complete with scones, clotted cream and jam of course.

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Dorchester Moments 1There is nothing better than freshly baked scones. I prefer jam on mine, however, these came out with a special chocolate caramel sauce, which was equally as delicious. Utterly full of chocolate and having indulged rather heavily, we sat back and relaxed and raved about how exceptional the afternoon tea had been, until the lovely Arthur came out with a special surprise…

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An absolutely gorgeous Congratulations cake. He had overheard us chatting about  my engagement and setting the date and very thoughtfully brought out a cake. Arthur truly went above and beyond and I was so touched by the gesture.  It had made a day that I didn’t think could be topped, even better. Thank you so much for making our Afternoon Tea so special, Arthur!

The Chocolate Indulgence Afternoon Tea a the Dorchester is one of the most memorable experiences I have had in a long time. I love the tradition of British Afternoon Tea and if you do too, head to The Dorchester for a truly magical and unique afternoon.

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